Are you even a millennial if you don’t own at least ten plants? Lockdown sent many of us home to work, and what happens to the beloved desk plant when you’re gone?

One security guard stepped up to look after the building’s green residents after staff were sent home. He went on a mission to find all of the plants on the twelve floors of the UK-based law firm and relocated them to the canteen where they would get the most light.

What a hero. Before becoming a security guard, the un-named botanical rescuer used to be a florist, so the plants were in the best hands.

Picture: wafflesrisa/Tumblr

He tended to the plants throughout lockdown so that colleagues would have some greenery to return to in the office.

A member of staff from the building wrote in a tumblr post:

“When lockdown happened in the UK it happened very suddenly. At the law firm I work at, our office building emptied overnight when everyone was told to work from home. No time to clear our desks, no time to bring office plants home. Fast forward three and a half months – everyone assumes that their plants are dead. But then an email goes round! It turns out that one of our security guards is a florist, and the security team has moved EVERY SINGLE PLANT from all 12 floors of our office building into the cafeteria”

Of course, many people are protective of their plant babies, so how on earth would they know which plant belonged to who, after the cafeteria turned into a greenhouse?

The security team thought of that, labelling every single plant.

Who needs Die Hard when you have this tower block rescue mission?