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Alabama Couple With The Same Birthday Just Welcomed Their First Baby On Their Birthday


Here are some more interesting facts about newborns and birthdays in honor of their anniversaries. An Alabama couple with the same birthday just welcomed their first baby on their birthday.

According to the Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children in Alabama, there is a "one in 133,000 chance" that a married couple who share the same birthday will have a baby girl on their birthday, and an Alabama couple with the same birthday just welcomed their first baby on their birthday.

On December 20, the medical centre joyfully announced Cassidy and Dylan Scott's pregnancy on social media, saying that while giving birth is "an exciting moment for any family," in this particular situation it is "particularly special because they all share the same birthday."

They said in the caption of a picture of the family:

On Dec. 18, a chance that’s one in 133,000 occurred when their daughter Lennon was born. She held on until 12:30 a.m., just in time for the celebration.

Despite the rarity of this occurrence, the Scotts' kid was born on December 18, 2017, the same day as another couple who also shared a birthdate. After 27 years of waiting, Luke and Hillary Gardner of Baldwyn, Mississippi, received their son, Cade Lee Gardner.

Dec. 18 is actually the family's birthday, ranking No. 56 among all days, according to data journalist and reporter Matt Stiles, who aggregates data tales for his blog, the Daily Viz. Stileskept track of birth statistics from 1994 to 2014, like the average number of babies born each day.

According to Stiles, the two least frequent birthdays out of all the calendar days, including leap day on February 29, are January 1, ranking at position 365, and December 25, at position 366. Leap Day, which happens only once every four years, is the 347th least common holiday. Christmas Eve and July 4 are two further unusual birthdays.

The most typical birthdate is September 9. Birth dates in September are among the most prevalent overall.

Stiles underlined that most days' average birth rates don't differ all that much. Although Sept. 9 saw an average of 12,301 births, the daily median is only 11,000 births. The average number of births on Christmas Day was 6,574, and on New Year's Day it was 7,792.


Just so happens that married Huntsville, Alabama residents Cassidy and Dylan Scott, an Alabama couple with the same birthday just welcomed their first baby on their birthday.

The month of December appears to be full of fun for the family every year because, in addition to their triple-celebrated shared birthday, it is also the "most wonderful time of the year" during the Christmas season.

Best wishes and congratulations to the Scott family!

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