Aldi Are Releasing New Alcoholic Gin Ice Lollies Just In Time For Summer

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 23.05.19
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Alcoholic ice lollies from Aldi might just be the perfect accompaniment to your summer.

There’s nary a day where I’m not writing about some such product released by Aldi that we all want a piece of.

At some point it won’t be surprising anymore. Different price range, of course, but it’s not like I’m writing about some great new thing at Harrods that you need to buy. We all know Harrods has good things in it and now we’re starting to cotton on that Aldi also has good things.

Pink gin ice lollies this time. Lovely alcoholic pink gin lollies. There is literally nothing to not like there. You can get drunk from eating something now, and that something tastes delicious.


You might remember that around this time in 2017, Aldi released normal gin and tonic ice lollies for the summer and people loved them. Alongside the new pink gin variation, the ol’ fashioned plain G&T lollies will be making a comeback.

To make things even better, another frozen alcoholic treat is coming, in the shape of passionfruit ice lollies. Whether or not that turns out to be like a pornstar martini is for you to find out.


Coming in at £2.99 for four lollies, they are despicably cheap. It’s not like they’re weak either, with an alcoholic proof of 4.5%. Even if you don’t like ice lollies, you’d save a lot of money buying these, letting them thaw out and then drinking them rather than actually buying gin and tonics.

Four-pack of premixed gin and tonics from Sainsbury’s cost £3.95, so you’d basically be making money.

No hold on…

The Sainsbury’s cans have a greater volume than the Aldi lollies – 250ml compared to 80ml – and only cost 96 pence more. They’re also 0.5% stronger than the lollies. So that’s 7.9 pence-per-millimetre of pure alcohol from Sainsbury’s, compared to a whopping 20.8 pence-per-millimetre of pure alcohol from Aldi.

Just buy the Sainsbury’s cans yourself and freeze them in a mould. With that said, I’m usually quite good at maths but I’m so hungover today that I can’t think, and those little sums I did could be way off.


Do what you like. I don’t know.

A spokesperson for Aldi said:

Inspired by Britain’s love of gin, this year’s new flavours include Pink Gin and a Passionfruit Gin, which will be joining the classic Gin & Tonic, which launched last year.

What’s more, the Gin & Tonic flavour has only 55 calories, Pink Gin has only 79 calories and Passionfruit only 80 calories.”

At only £2.99 for four (equating to 75p per lolly), these icy treats will add a touch of cool to any celebration, and at that price, it’s worth stocking up on them for the whole summer!

Happy drinking/eating.

Images via Getty, Aldi

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