Aldi Are Selling Fire Pits That Double Up As Barbecues For £50 And You Need One

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 02.05.19
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Aldi’s new fire pit is the perfect accompaniment to any garden this summer and I absolutely need one.

I don’t want to sound like one of those “British is best” kind of people but I’ve always maintained that of all of the summer holidays I’ve ever been on, however nice they were, they’ve never compared to being in England when it’s sunny.

I genuinely believe that London in the sun is the best place in the world and obviously, there’s so much more of the country that’s also lovely. It’s just a shame that the weather is so inconsistent and often wildly disappointing…

For me, because I’m basic, there’s little better than drinking with friends in the evening, in someone’s garden, all sat around a fire.


Fires are a hassle though, and they’re terrible company to anyone’s lawn, so you’d obviously need some kind of fire pit. Luckily Aldi have the perfect fire pit that doubles up as a barbecue and it’s weirdly cheap.

Not to be rude but, for Aldi, it actually looks surprisingly good, decked out with some kind of stone-effect, diamond-cut exterior with the grill slotting in neatly on top.

The only bad thing about the fire pit is its name, and that’s “Garden Fire Pit Faux Stone Exterior”. Doesn’t really roll off the tongue but let’s be honest, once you buy it, when would you ever have any cause to say it’s name. It’s hardly going to run away in the park.


Hilariously, Aldi’s description perfectly sums up the expectations for a British summer, saying:

This Fire Pit with faux stone surround will add sophistication to any outside space. Keep warm on chilly summer evenings and impress friends by converting the Outside Fire Pit into a handy cooking grill.”

In what other country could you say “chilly summer evenings” and not have anyone double take at that. Cold summers? Yep. Next.


£49.99 for that. Pretty good, but you have to order it online and I imagine they’ll sell out pretty sharpish. Do hurry.

If that’s not your bag, then you can go for Aldi’s other fire-related thing, in the shape of this £59.99 outdoor wood burner.


It looks pretty cool and it’s made out of my favourite kind of steel; “durable steel”.

There’s not much else to say about this one. It doesn’t double up as a barbecue or anything. I’m sure you could throw a chicken in there if you felt absolutely compelled to, but you probably shouldn’t. Certainly not a live one. That would be awful.

Once again, Aldi set the bar low for the upcoming Summer’s weather, saying:

Make the most of your garden day and night with this Outdoor Log Burner,” the online description says

Wave goodbye to chilly evenings outside and hello to a cosy place by the fire.

Durable and stylish, the black and bronze finished Outdoor Wood Burner has been made with a robust steel frame and is latticed in a steel mesh to help guard against any wayward flames.”

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, I suppose.

Images via Aldi, Getty

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