Aldi are releasing a huge Harry Potter range and any fan of the wand-twiddling, four-eyed nerd might just involuntarily orgasm from looking at the gear.

You really can’t predict what the German retailer are going to start selling next and I’m honestly starting to think they have a room full of monkeys on typewriters coming up with their next merchandise.

The monkeys on the typewriters came up with some absolute gold this time though, as Aldi’s new Harry Potter range looks pretty impeccable and seemingly endless.

First and foremost are a bunch of games…


Next you can get your grubby little mitts on the Harry Potter book boxset or a bunch of LEGO?!


Prices here range from £29.99 to £74.99. LEGO is so offensively expensive.

Up next is a bunch of homewares and general bric-a-brac and you know what? They’re good fun.

The double duvets will set you back £14.99 and they look like this…


While the single duvets are £12.99…

What goes on top of beds? People. What else? Cushions. £4.99 Harry Potter cushions at that…

After that, there’s the £27.99 invisibility cloak that doesn’t make you invisible…


Although apparently it comes with an app that makes you look invisible through your camera, with the description reading:

Experience what it feels like with this Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak, just take a photo or video and watch yourself magically disappear on your phone! With an authentic cloak and foldaway phone stand included, you’ll be entertained for hours!

Next is Tom Riddle’s diary, that allows you to write in invisible ink and see it later with a UV light. The description for that one reads:

The Slytherin pen included is filled with invisible ink which can only be seen under the glowing wand’s (also included) UV light. All you have to do is hover the tip over the pages, and what you have written will be magically revealed“.

Remarkably, there’s actually more stuff like backpacks, children’s clothes, UV wands, water bottles and more, which you can check out here.

They really did think of almost everything…

Images via ALDI