The only thing better than chocolate is free chocolate.

We’ve got good news for you, Aldi on the (easter egg) hunt for three “Easter Egg tasting officers”.

The lucky officers will sample their huge easter egg range.

You won’t just get one egg, oh no. Each tasting officer will receive a range of 10 Easter eggs. You’ll have to review five of them on camera.

In exchange for sampling the range, you get to taste, rate and review a selection of different Easter goodies.

Seeing as their impressive collection includes the likes of the blonde chocolate Specially Selected Exquisite Beehive Egg with honeycomb pieces (catchy – try saying that twice) plus their famous Giant Dragon Egg, it won’t be too much of a chore.

To be in with the chance of a lifetime, all you need to do is record a short audition video and email it to: [email protected].

In the audition video, this is your chance to get across why you should be the chosen one. Wax lyrical about chocolate, about how it cheers you up, what you love about it. The bolder the better.

You also need to include examples of your favourite Aldi chocolate.

This isn’t one for shy easter bunnies, as Aldi explains that “experimental taste buds and bucket loads of charisma will also help since the successful applicants will be tasked with creating video reviews of Aldi’s Easter egg range”.

How To Apply

You’d better be quick, you need to send your video in by the deadline of March 15th.

The three successful Tasting Officer applicants will receive their first products to sample from the 22nd March.

You’ll taste, rate and record your reviews, which will go live after the 29th March.

Aldi will be sharing your videos across their social media channels.

They say it will help inform the supermarket’s chocolate buying team when planning for next year’s Easter egg range.

Think of the power!

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi, said: “This year, we have an exciting opportunity for three trusty Easter egg tasters to join us, and pick their favourite products from our 2021 Easter range. Their feedback will also help our buying team create next years’ showstoppers, to ensure we’re giving our shoppers what they want.”

“We’ve never before had such a wonderful variety of Easter egg shapes, colours, and flavour combinations. We want to hear from people of all ages who simply love chocolate and can help showcase our innovative range. If this sounds like eggs-actly what you’ve been looking for, be quick, the deadline for applications is March 15th.”

Living the dream.

Image via Alamy.