Aldi’s New Christmas Menu Includes Yorkshire Puddings Filled With Stuffing And Pigs In Blankets

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 12.08.19

The Aldi Christmas menu looks amazing and stuffed Yorkshire puddings deserve a Nobel Prize.

It’s early to be chatting about Christmas, isn’t it? I’m partly to blame of course, but last time I wrote about Christmas in July you lot lapped it up, so I’m not taking all of the responsibility here.

So yeah. I’m going to go ahead and write about Christmas and you don’t like that, then you can just go… to one of our other excellent articles. I’m sorry this one wasn’t for you.


Now where were we? Yorkshire puddings, that’s right.

It’s long been debated whether or not Yorkshire puddings actually have any part within a Christmas dinner – much like Mark Corrigan’s dad with cauliflower – but it seems like Aldi’s latest invention settles that argument to no end.

I always forget Super Hans was round for Christmas


Essentially, Aldi have introduced us to the wonders of Yorkshire puddings stuffed with pork, sage and onion stuffing balls, topped with a solitary pig in a blanket. One feral hog atop a mound of stuffing.

stuffing pigs in blankets yorkshire puddings

They look absolutely stunning and I want them right now. When’s too early to get into certain Christmas aspects? I really like the Christmas song White Wine in the Sun by Tim Minchin – and it’s not that Christmassy at all – but is now too soon to listen to it? Not because I want to start getting festive, but because it’s good.


I digress; there’s more on Aldi’s menu…

They also have a specially selected salmon loin fillet, which sounds luuuurvely, and a very classy-looking massive bauble, made out of gingerbread-flavoured white chocolate with a fruit and nut inner.

There’s sloe gin mince pies too, as well as normal mince pies in case you’re not in the mood for shaking things up, teamed with white Chocolate, Prosecco and Raspberry Truckle.


Amazingly that’s not all, with Leicester cheese combined with Bombay-spiced chutney and nigella seeds making an appearance and courtesy of Heston Blumenthal, chocolates infused with festive flavours like mulled wine, clementine, treacle tart, cinnamon crème brulee and Marc de Champagne.

The list goes on, with there being more “traditional” foodie bits, along with fun things like DIY gingerbread men and the like.

Aldi haven’t yet released any prices thus far, but they’re hardly known for breaking the bank so don’t expect the German supermarket to start cutting holes in your pockets.

Merry Christmas?

Images via Aldi, Getty