Aldi’s New Wine Glasses Float And Stay Upright In The Pool

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 26.06.19
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These new wine glasses from Aldi float and stay upright. What more could you won’t.

Sometimes when Aldi come up with a new product and it’s going viral, I struggle to sound enthusiastic about it in one of my articles.

My trademark wit, relatability and engaging style that you’ve all come to love over the years is put to the test when, say, there’s a new fire pit that doubles up as a lemon tree from the German supermarket, but this time I genuinely am enthused.

aldi pool wine glass

Drinking in a pool or a hot tub is one of man’s greatest joys, and because the combination is no less than an affront to god, the big guy made it so we awkwardly had to hold our drinks and worry about spilling them when in the water. He’s petty like that.

But now, thanks to Aldi, you can put your drink down when you’re in the pool and not empty it everywhere in the water. They really have changed the world.

The supermarket has started stocking plastic wine glasses (plastics?) that float in the water, and due to their lack of a base on the stem, you can also stick them in the sand, grass or snow.

aldi pool floating wine glass

Using methods that I presume are above science and veer more into the magic category, the glasses stay completely upright whilst floating around and this is all for the low low price of $2.49.

Mmmm I know. Dollars. The thing is, I can only find these on the American Aldi site and not the English one, which is very annoying.

floating wine glasses

Conversely though, for a sadly higher price of around £10, you can get these ones from Amazon, which I would argue look better…

Summer’s not looking so bad.

Images via Aldi, The Beach Glass

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