Alien-Looking Moth With Furry Tentacles Spotted And It Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird
Published 05.07.19

A moth with furry tentacles has gone viral after people are comparing it to an alien.

I hate this thing. It makes my skin crawl and I hate it.

It actually looks like the thing from Stranger Things but this time it’s actually real and not part of an immensely popular work of fiction from Netflix.


stranger things tentacle monster moth

The video was taken by Hari Toae, from Bali, Indonesia, who said that the moth was looking for somewhere safe to stay while a storm raged outside.

He said:

I will let it stay in my house, but only for the night. I don’t want it to scare my guests away.”


He added that it “looked like an alien”.

He’s not wrong. It does look like a dirty horrible alien.


Look, I know that all nature is beautiful and must be nurtured, etc, but who can look at that thing and think “that’s perfectly acceptable”.

No one, because it’s not. It’s not acceptable behaviour at all and what makes it worse is that this is most like a Creatonotos gangis – a species of arctiine moth – and one that has four of these furry tendrils come out of it’s arse when it’s looking to get laid.

So not only is it gross, it’s soliciting moth sex.


God how does it even fly? Those wings don’t look big enough at all. Not one bit.

I hate it so much.

Sorry this isn’t a very professional article at all. I don’t know what you expected though. This isn’t National Geographic. I’m not David Attenborough. I spelled ‘moth’ wrong earlier when I was writing this.

Right that’s it.

Images via YouTube, Netflix