Almost Half Of Us Have Admitted To Wearing The Same Underwear For Two Days In A Row

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Published 19.08.19

Almost half of us are wearing two-day pants and hey, that’s just a little bit gross.

First and foremost, as someone from the south on England, whenever I say pants, I mean underpants and I don’t want to be non-inclusive or anything, but so should you.

Josh says pants meaning trousers and it sickens me. What’s his excuse? He’s from the north? Not okay. I can get away with saying this because he’s off today, I think moving house with his girlfriend… like some kind of nerd.


Anyway, enough about that because I don’t actually say “pants” too often as it is. With that particular word in mind though, apparently nearly half of us wear the same pair for two or more days in a row without a wash in between.

I say “us”, I actually mean Americans (so not us), as 2,000 US men and women were surveyed by underwear brand Tommy John, who found that 45% of respondents confessed to re-wearing undies on consecutive days.

Searching for these stock images in a crowded room of people I don’t know is absolutely miserable


In a weird twist, almost as if they wanted to sell some of their underwear, Tommy John then asked how old their subjects’ pants were and upon finding out that 46% owned some over a year old and 38% didn’t know, they said that this was far from ideal.

Tommy John said that your underwear should be thrown out after six months to a year, owing to the act that they apparently accumulate microorganisms and fungi that can lead to yeast infections or urinary tract infections.

Not good!

Yeah not a clue…


Now I’ll be honest, I have worn the same underwear on consecutive days before, but my general rule is to introduce a new pair after every shower. If I wake up and have a free day, perhaps I want to watch a film or do a workout before showering, so there’s no point in putting a fresh pair of pants on only to get them “dirty” immediately.

Apparently 13% of people wear the same pair of underwear for a week or more with no washes.

Facts like that really make you think, don’t they? Psychopaths really do live amongst us. To think that I’ve probably held the same rail on a tube as one of them. Makes me shudder.

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