Amazon Are Selling A Beer Keg And Tap That You Can Use At Home

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 10.07.19

You can finally have your own personal beer tap thanks to Amazon.

You know what the worst thing ever is?

It’s when you have a party or any kind of drinking affair at your place and the next day, the place is full of beer cans and bottles still with the dregs in.

You can’t throw them straight in the bin, can you? You have to pour the remains into the sink first and then chuck them away and you always get some on your hands. We all know that warm beer is the second worst thing ever, but there’s no way around it.


Hold on, there might be…

Kegs. Get a keg, everyone gets one glass and there’s no waste. No emptying cans down the drain and no ten trips to the recycling bin when you keep finding bottles under furniture.

Not one of those rubbish kegs you can get from Tesco though. Like I say, they’re rubbish and about half of the beer you try to pour ends up puddling around the keg on the table.

sub beer tap home


No, you can get a proper little doo-dad that pours beer beautifully which you can fill with various different kegs. It looks fantastic.

The Krups SUB is the delightful machine in question, and can be filled with various different brands of four-pint kegs. Heineken, Birra Moretti and Tiger are on offer, amongst others and it looks like it really pours a beautiful pint – I’m putting an absolute in-joke here but it’s my article so I’m allowed to – I’m looking at you, Charlie. Even you couldn’t mess this one up.

There are bad sides to the SUB, mind. Four pints isn’t an awful lot of beer and getting SUB kegs is absolutely not an ecological way of buying beer.

home beer tap keg


£50 will get you five two-litre kegs of Heineken, meaning you’re getting ten litres of beer for that price. £28 will get you 13 litres of Heineken in cans. I know I said cans are annoying the day after, but that’s a lot of money saved.

Also, the SUB itself is £79, or £99 for the “Rouge” edition, which is literally just red. Why is saying things in French posh?

I’ve done a lot of shopping around and in general, it just seems like having a beer tap at home isn’t a sensible way of doing things. This one from Philips looks better and holds 6 litre kegs, but it’s £250 and, the kegs are £60 for two and the beer choices seem a tiny bit limited.

philips beer tap


It’s a gimmick, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, if I had the money to just throw around pointlessly, I would absolutely buy one, but if I had lots of money, I think I’d consider getting a proper beer tap fitted to my house like what they have at pubs. You know why? Because I have a problem.

On a separate note, you know what’s weird? When you’re at Spoons and they pour wine from a tap. I don’t trust it one bit.

I do actually want one of these things. Might have to wait until Christmas.

Images via Krups, Phillips, Getty