Amazon Are Selling A Sun Lounger With A Face Hole For Book Worms

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 12.07.19
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This sun lounger on Amazon has a face hole so you can read books laying on your front and it’s incredible.

I don’t have any time to read when I’m here in England. I hardly have time to watch TV.

It’s annoying because I’m supposed to be a writer, but essentially the only time I have to read is when I’ on holiday… but I don’t have time for holidays.

The thing is though, if I do somehow get the time to go abroad and find myself a lovely lounger to read on, I spend about 10 minutes trying to get comfortable.

sun bed face hole

On my back holding the book up? Arm cramp. On my side? Dead arm. On my front with my head looking ahead and the book in front of me? Hurty neck. There are no good options, and I’m not going to just sit like some kind of psycho.

What I need is one of those beds that people go on when they’re getting massages, with the face hole. They’re famously comfortable.

There’s a problem though. If you show up beside a pool with one of those, you’d look like a bit of a dick. I believe the kids call it being “extra”.

reading sun lounger

Worry not, citizens, there’s a non-extra option available on Amazon.

I won’t beat around the bush here; it’s a sunbed with a pillow that you can lift up, revealing a face hole. You pop your book under that and hey presto, you’re reading, pal!

sun lounger face hole

The product description reads:

Treat yourself to this versatile chaise lounge. Patented open/close face cavity with arm holes allows you to lie on your back or stomach. Four positions let you recline or lay flat. Lightweight and portable, take your personal tanning bed/massage table/reading chair with you and succumb to the complete comfort experience.”

The Ostrich sun lounger will set you back around £32 and to it’s credit, it does look like it could solve quite a lot of hassle.

Answers to problems we didn’t know we had.

Images via Ostrich

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