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Amazon Are Selling A Sun Lounger With A Face Hole For Book Worms - Enjoy Reading Outdoors!


Amazon are selling a sun lounger with a face hole for bookworms! Lazy beach-goers who loved to read or use their phones while sunbathing were delighted to know that Amazon had come up with an ingenious solution. The online retailer was selling a lounge chair designed for people who wanted to read or use their phones while soaking up the sun.

Amazon's Ostrich Lounge Chaise - The Perfect Beach Chair For Reading And Tanning

According to The Hook, Amazon's "Ostrich Lounge Chaise" had a face hole cut out, allowing you to lie face down and read or scroll through your social media feeds with ease. The lounge also had additional holes for your arms, allowing you to rest your elbows and support your upper body while you read.

This innovative design was perfect for those who wanted to get the perfect tan on their back without having to twist their head or strain their neck. The cushioned hole for your face ensured that your head was comfortable and that you could read or use your phone without having to hold it up in front of you.

The lounge chair was available on Amazon for around $43, and while it received mixed reviews, many people praised it for its comfort and convenience. The Hook site also reported on the lounge chair, highlighting its unique design and how it solved the problem of choosing between tanning and reading.

However, as with any product, not all buyers were happy with their purchase. Some reviewers on Amazon complained that the chair was hard to set up and was not durable.

But for those who loved spending time at the beach and wanted to read or use their phone without sacrificing their tan, this lounge chair was the perfect solution. It provided ultimate relaxation and allowed you to enjoy the sun while getting lost in a good book or catching up on your favorite social media feeds.

People Also Ask

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Sun Lounger With A Face Hole For Bookworms?

The benefits of using a sun lounger with a face hole for bookworms include being able to comfortably read while lying on your stomach without straining your neck, as well as being able to enjoy the outdoors and soak up the sun while you read. Additionally, many of these loungers are designed with adjustable settings and comfortable padding for optimal comfort.

How Do I Choose The Right Sun Lounger With A Face Hole?"

To choose the right sun lounger with a face hole, consider factors such as the material, size, and adjustability. Look for a lounger made from durable, weather-resistant materials such as wood or metal. Consider the size and weight capacity of the lounger, as well as the adjustability of the headrest and overall design, to ensure maximum comfort and usability.

How Do I Clean And Maintain A Sun Lounger With A Face Hole?"

The cleaning and maintenance instructions for a sun lounger with a face hole will depend on the specific materials and construction of the product. However, some general tips include wiping down the lounger with a damp cloth after use, storing it in a dry and shaded area when not in use, and avoiding exposing it to harsh chemicals or extreme weather conditions.


In conclusion, if you're a bookworm who loves to sunbathe, Amazon's "Ostrich Lounge Chaise" is definitely worth a try. With its unique design and affordable price, it could be just what you need to enjoy the beach in ultimate comfort. Despite the mixed reviews, many people praised the chair for its innovative design and comfort.

If someone was someone who loved to spend time at the beach but hated having to choose between tanning and reading, then this lounge chair was the perfect solution for them. It allowed them to relax and enjoy the sun while getting lost in a good book or catching up on their favorite social media feeds.

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