Amazon Are Selling Heated Jackets And They’re A Must-Have For This Winter

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Published 30.09.19

Heated jackets are being sold on Amazon and you’re probably going to need one for this winter.

Even though I enjoyed a long and hot summer, now that it’s gone, it feels like it hung around for about as long as Harrison Ford is contractually obliged to be present during some kind of Star Wars event.


I miss it, of course, but that doesn’t mean that winter doesn’t bring some exciting prospects along with it.

I’m really looking forward to digging some coats out and finally knowing how to dress for the weather. Too often do I leave the house in a jumper and a jacket and end up carrying them for more of the day than I do wearing them.

Winter’s good for fashion, but it’s bad for warmth, and sometimes your comfort is more important than your style, as the jackets you own just won’t cut it and the brisk winds send a shiver down your spine akin to when a friend rubs a cold can on your neck to piss you off.


ororo heated jacket

Enter Ororo, who have brilliantly made jackets that have heaters in them and have them available on Amazon for you to get in time for the cold months ahead.

They’re not cheap, mind, coming in at $140, but they having heating elements around the chest and mid back area, powered by a rechargeable power pack that sits in the inner-left pocket.

ororo amazon heated jacket


There’s three heating options to chose from, and if being warm doesn’t float your boat, then the power pack an charge your phone in stead.

Ororo say that the battery will last for eight hours in use and the reviews are pretty glowing, with people saying the heating works dangerously quickly and it doesn’t get too stuffy, which was something I was genuinely put off by.

heated jacket amazon winter


Rather handily, the jacket that comes in men’s and women’s sizes is also water and wind resistant.

Lovely stuff.

Images via Ororo