Amazon Are Selling Heated Mousemats To Keep Your Hands Warm At Your Desk

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Published 15.11.19

These days, it seems that there’s constantly a new invention springing up on the online market, and just when we think that they couldn’t possibly invent anything else we need…they prove us wrong.

Online retailer giant Amazon are doing exactly that, with the production of a new heated mouse mat to keep your hands toasty while working on a computer.

Just looking at this, I already feel like I need it. I’m one of those girls who constantly has cold hands, whatever I’m doing- so this heated mouse mat looks incredibly appealing for my cold mitts.


With the weather outside getting undeniably colder, the office workers among us must be dreading going into their cold, unwelcoming office in the frosty winter mornings.

However, it’s perfectly possible that this heated mouse mat is what you’ve been waiting for and will make that shift at work just a little more easier, keeping your mouse-operating-hand nice and toasty as you work away at your computer.

The device, which is being sold by the company Black Temptation UK, simply plugs into your computer or laptop via a USB port like a normal desk mouse, heating up to an appropriate degree to keep your hand warm.

The product descriptions on the website read:

  • USB Warmer Mouse Pad with built-in warmer pad can help warm your freezing cold hand while you are at work.

  • The temperature of the mouse pad will go up to a suitable degree after it is connected to the computer, just plug it into the USB port, then you can warm your hand all the time.


  • Lovely design, beautiful and practical, suitable for home and office desk.

  • Please note that the heater is separated from the mouse pad. You can choose to use or don’t use the heater when using the warm mouse pad. 


It features a very fluffy looking encasing, with fur designs coming in a range of colours- white, beige, coffee, dark green, lavender, and magenta.

So not only are they a life saver for your cold hands, but also a subtle way to brighten up your office desk!

You can easily turn the heat on and off as required, meaning it’s simple and easy to use as you work (i.e browse pictures of cute baby animals and/or online shop).


The heated mouse mat is available online at Amazon for £16.99, which is arguably well worth it for a cosy, fluffy hand warmer.

Measurements for the product, should you require them are as follows: Bottom length: 28.5cm/ 11.2inch, bottom width: 22cm/ 8.7inch, height: 6cm/ 2.4inch. Wristguard height: 3.5cm/ 1.4inch. The total length of the USB Heater Cable: approx 145cm/ 57inch (Amazon Website).

Although you should note that these products are being shipped from Hong Kong, with shipping taking up to two weeks minimum, so you might want to get your order in early to make the most of it during the winter.

They would make a fantastic Christmas gift for teachers, receptionists, virtually anyone who does office work, and there’s nothing quite like having an easy Christmas present at your fingertips!

It’s always good to give someone a hand. Even better to give them a handwarmer.

Images via Amazon