A delivery driver working for Amazon who was caught stealing a PlayStation 5 from a child, has since been sacked for the offence.

The new PS5 launch has caused carnage among gamers, with fully grown adult and children all going wild for the newest era of the classic gaming console.

It’s THE present to receive for Christmas 2020, with many families struggling to grab one for their loved ones as PlayStation release small amounts during every restock.

The incredibly expensive gaming console has caused a massive surge in scammers and con artists taking advantage of people’s desperation to get their hands on it, and many have resorted to flat out stealing.

One driver, who hasn’t been identified, has been caught on CCTV footage “scanning” the PS5 parcel box, before putting it back in his delivery van and driving off.

Jenni Walker from Launton, near Bicester, had been waiting for the console to arrive on November 19, the launch day.

She’d purchased the PlayStation for her young son’s 16th birthday.

However, when everyone else’s console seemed to arrive fine, hers never did, and the video materialised.

After the Walker family got in touch with Amazon, Jenni’s daughter drove over to their local depot to confront them about the footage.

After showing it to the bosses, they then confirmed that the man in the video was indeed one of their delivery drivers and that he would be losing his job, reports Eurogamer.

An Amazon spokesperson also revealed to the Oxford Mail: “We have very high standards for our delivery service providers and how they serve customers.

“The delivery associate will no longer be delivering on behalf of Amazon.”

In a shocking move, Jenni was only offered a £5 voucher, before it was quickly increased to £50 plus a refund of the order.

However, she has refused their offer and insisted she wants a replacement console.

The mum said: “I am livid beyond words. I fully appreciate this is a first world problem and considering we are in a global pandemic, not the most important ordeal faced, but for it to happen on my son’s birthday seems incredibly cruel.”

Have you managed to get your hands on the PS5 yet?

Images via Alamy