No, we’re not making this one up.

Amazon has quietly changed their logo icon after people compared it to Adolf Hitler. It was the new app icon that was drawing negative attention.

The icon featured what seems like an innocent enough design. At the top of the square was a strip of blue tape, to symbolise their branded packing tape on the parcels.

However critics pointed out the similarities to the style of moustache worn by the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Oliver Hardy, and of course, famously, Adolf Hitler. Turns out, the leader of Nazi Germany wasn’t the look Amazon was going for.

One person tweeted: “My parents use Amazon nearly every day. They’re going to be lost for the next few days. When they ask where Amazon’s gone, I’ll tell them to look for the cardboard Hitler…”

Another added: “It’s not just a ripped scotch tape, it’s a ripped scotch tape that has a similar shape and is right on top of a smiling mouth. Looks like a happy little cardboard Adolf to me”

It was also noted: “unsurprisingly they did not send out a press release to announce the second redesign.”

Amazon released a statement about the new design. They said: “We designed the new icon to spark anticipation, excitement, and joy when customers start their shopping journey on their phone, just as they do when they see our boxes on their door step.”

The previous logo was a picture of shopping trolley with the company’s name and logo above it.

They’ve quietly changed the design now, following the criticism. The amended icon still features the blue tape, but it has a fold in it and no “bristly” serrated edge.

Checkout Free Shopping

The retail giant is also planning it’s first checkout-free supermarket in the UK this week.

Ealing in West London will be home to The Amazon Go store. There are also plans for another 30 locations across the country. That’s according to council documents.

Amazon has also filed several trademark applications with the UK Intellectual Property Office. They’ve included the phrase “No Lines, No Checkout. (No, Seriously)”.

So how does it work? The shop will feature “Just Walk Out” technology. It uses cameras and sensors to track when an item is picked up from a shelf.

Once a customer has signed in at the entrance of the shop, they are able to just pick things up and leave. The items are then charged to their Amazon-linked credit or debit card.

Amazon’s website states: “Our checkout-free shopping experience is made possible by the same types of technologies used in self-driving cars: computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning,”

“When you arrive, use the app to enter the store, then feel free to put your phone away – you don’t need it to shop. Then just browse and shop like you would at any other store. Once you’re done shopping, you’re on your way. No lines, no checkout.”

Do you like the new icon? Would you shop in the new store?

Image via Alamy