Amber Addresses “Split” Rumours After Greg O’Shea Apparently Dumped Her Over Text

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Published 06.09.19

Just five weeks after winning Love Island, we learned that Greg and Amber had split up.

That’s it folks, you can pack your stuff up and leave because it’s true; love doesn’t exist anymore.

It’s pretty hard news to swallow if you were glued to the TV for the two month run of Love Island and it more or less renders all of the time you spent invested in the show completely wasted since it essentially amounted to nothing.

Amber, 22, was due to fly to Ireland this evening to see Greg, 24, but apparently he did the one thing that everyone seems to agree is pretty awful form, and dumped her over text.

The rugby sevens star allegedly blamed his busy schedule for ended things with Gill.

amber and greg still together

A source told The Sun:

Amber feels used by Greg. He was always aware of the distance and his career in their relationship, and yet he chose to seek out Amber in the villa knowing there would always be the distance.

He hasn’t made any effort to come to London to see Amber, despite it being over five weeks, it’s always Amber who had to make the effort.”

They then added that though Amber was devastated to be dumped, especially in the manner, she absolutely saw it coming.

After being dropped by Michael Griffiths as he decided to get back with Joanna Chimonides, Greg was a nice late addition for Amber as the two went on to defy the odds and win Love Island, splitting the £50,000 between them.

All was not immediately well though, as Greg lived in Ireland and Amber was in England, meaning they couldn’t see as much of each other as they’d originally planned.

Did Amber and Greg split up?

However, Amber has since put rumours that she and Greg split up to bed, sharing a screenshot of their latest Facetime chat, willing the time away until she can visit him…

amber and greg split up

Something doesn’t ring true about that picture though; they both looking at the camera, rather than themselves. That’s never happened on Facetime.

Another source revealed to the Mail Online :

Amber and Greg haven’t split – they are still very much in a relationship.

It has been difficult for them both doing long distance but they’re much together and Amber is really looking forward to seeing Greg again and spending time with him in Ireland.

The reason they haven’t been pictured together for some weeks is because Amber is managing her time between Newcastle and London and juggling a very busy work schedule.

Greg lives in Ireland and is concentrating on his rugby career – but they’re still in constant communication and are counting down the days until they’re reunited this weekend.

Who are these sources?!


Are Greg and Amber still together?

Yes, it looks like they are!

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