An Australian Man In His Underwear Chased A Burglar Down His Road Wielding A Didgeridoo

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Published 04.06.19
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An Australian man has become a living legend as he chased an intruder out of his house and down the roads wearing nothing but his underwear and wielding a didgeridoo.

I’m trying to work out that the English version of this would be. A lute? Is that even English? It sounds English. I really should know at least one English instrument that you could use as a weapon.

You can get a pretty cool noise from a longbow. Maybe a bit Agincourt.

Anyway, I digress; Kym Abrook of Adelaide, Australia, has become a global hero for his hilarious and brave act.

Abrook recounts that he was awoken at 4am when he heard noises within his home. He went to investigate – wearing just his underwear – when he noticed an intruder making away with some of his possessions.

Making use of the thing he had closest to him, Abrook grabbed a didgeridoo and made chase down his road in Fulham Gardens, swinging the instrument over his head like a world class madman.

Brilliantly, he reenacted the scenario, just in case you didn’t realise what a man running in his pants – although he’s wearing jeans in this video – carrying a didgeridoo looked like…

Yeah it looks like that.

The thief was later tracked down by a police dog called Nero and he was arrested and charged with aggravated serious criminal trespass and theft.

The 32-year-old suspect is due to appear at the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court on the 6th August.

He’s wearing trunks in this one. How many times did they get him to change?

Good on him. Not enough people attack intruders with historic aboriginal instruments. Glad someone’s making a stand.

Images via Twitter

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