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An Iranian Cleric Claims The Covid 19 Vaccine Turns People Gay


An Iranian cleric claims the covid 19 vaccine turns people gay.The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it a wave of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and fear. As the world battles to contain the virus, some individuals have taken it upon themselves to spread false claims about the pandemic and its vaccines. One of the wildest claims to emerge from this misinformation campaign comes from an Iranian cleric who has alleged that the Covid-19 vaccine turns people gay.

Controversial Claims - COVID Vaccine Allegedly Causes Homosexuality

Ayatollah Abbas Tabrizian, a cleric with almost 210,000 followers on messaging platform Telegram, made the claims on social media. He wrote, "Don’t go near those who have had the COVID vaccine. They have become homosexuals." This statement has been met with widespread condemnation, including from LGBTQ campaigner Peter Tatchell, who called the claim "demonizing."

The Iranian regime has a history of persecuting LGBTQ individuals, and homosexuality is punishable by execution. The claim made by Tabrizian is an attempt to further demonize the LGBTQ community and dissuade people from getting vaccinated.

Unfortunately, conspiracy theories and misinformation are not unique to Iran. The UK has also seen its fair share of individuals spreading false claims about the pandemic. In Sheffield, a man filmed himself licking cash machines, claiming that coronavirus does not exist. Meanwhile, a woman has been banned from visiting hospitals after sharing pictures she claimed showed "empty beds," arguing that the strain on the NHS was being overexaggerated.

The spread of misinformation about the pandemic has serious consequences. It can lead to people ignoring health guidelines and recommendations, further exacerbating the pandemic's spread. It can also result in unnecessary fear and anxiety, particularly among vulnerable communities.

The role of social media in spreading misinformation cannot be underestimated. Platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook have been used to spread false claims about the pandemic and its vaccines. While these platforms have taken steps to remove false information, the sheer volume of content makes it challenging to eradicate completely.

To combat the spread of misinformation, it is crucial to rely on accurate and reliable sources of information. Governments, health organizations, and scientific experts have been working tirelessly to provide up-to-date information on the pandemic and its vaccines. It is essential to follow their guidance and recommendations.

Misinformation campaigns, such as the one led by Tabrizian, are dangerous and irresponsible. They only serve to undermine efforts to control the pandemic and put lives at risk. It is crucial to reject false claims and rely on evidence-based information to make informed decisions about our health.


In conclusion, conspiracy theories surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and its vaccines are not only false but can be dangerous. Claims such as the one made by Ayatollah Abbas Tabrizian serve only to demonize vulnerable communities and discourage people from getting vaccinated. It is essential to rely on accurate and reliable sources of information to make informed decisions about our health and safety.

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