It’s every parent’s nightmare. Imagine the pregnancy, labour, birth, decades of raising a child for them to turn out like this.

Faiz Siddiqui is a 41-year-old unemployed Oxford graduate. He is now suing his parents, as he wants them to pay his ‘maintenance’ for life.

According to The Sun, despite his middle-age Siddiqui claims he is completely dependent on his parents.

As they live in Dubai, for the last 20 years, he has been living in his parents’ £1 million London flat rent-free.

He’s a trained lawyer, but does not work. He received his training at top law firms but hasn’t worked since 2011. His parents have also been helping him with his bills, but, following a family argument, they want to cut him off.

The Sun reports that his parents are aged 69 and 71, and they currently give him more than £400 a week.

Mr Siddiqui is of the belief that he can claim maintenance as a ‘vulnerable’ grown up child. He says it is because of his health issues, and that preventing him from receiving this would be a violation of his human rights.

If successful, his case could affect the rights of all UK parents.

His parents’ lawyer, Justin Warshaw QC, told The Sun: “These long-suffering parents have their own view of what is suitable provision for their ‘difficult, demanding and pertinacious’ son.”

His case was rejected by a top family court judge last year, and it is now being heard by the Court of Appeal.

Oxford University

This isn’t Mr Siddiqui’s first attempt at suing someone.

Back in 2018, he tried to sue Oxford University for £1 million. His reasoning? He failed to get a first-class degree and instead graduated with a 2:1. This was also thrown out by the High Court.

He blames the university for ‘appallingly bad’ teaching that cost him a top degree.

He insists that ‘boring’ tuition and absent teaching staff were the reason he didn’t get the qualifications he wanted.

The 2:1 cost him a place on a law course at a top US Ivy League university, according to Mr Siddiqui.

Mr Siddiqui and his barrister, Roger Mallalieu, claim his lost potential earnings were £1 million.

The case was thrown out. Mr Justice Foskett said that he had shown ‘inadequate preparation’ and ‘lack of academic discipline’.

The MailOnline wrote how Mr Justice Foskett added a ‘severe episode of hay fever’ may also have contributed to Mr Siddiqui’s failure to get the grade he wanted.

You couldn’t make it up. Who else wants to phone their parents to ask why they don’t pay their rent and bills? Rude.
Good luck with that.
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