Angry Goat Chases Jogger Up Driveway In Hilarious Viral Video

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Funny, News
Published 12.04.19

Goats, eh?

Hard to reason with. They famously struggle with English and for all their surefootedness, their tempers often get the best of them.

They can negotiate a craggy overhang until the cows come home, but once the cows actually do come home, the goats will probably lose their sh*t because, honestly, they’re jerks. Goats are bad people.

You know when your friend starts a WhatsApp group for an event – maybe a stag do – and it’s all of your normal friends plus like one guy who none of you have met but the organiser lived next door to when they were a child? It’s all normal at first and he seems fine, but then you actually realise he’s sort-of a nightmare and he keeps putting really depraved videos in the chat when you’re at work?

That’s goats.


Anyway, proving my point further, a goat chased a jogger in the Irish town of Kildare and I’m not even slightly surprised. Not even a bit.

Katie Milner is the victim in question as, on Wednesday, she walked up her driveway for a jog. Her dog, meanwhile, was freaking out about something – an intruder – which turned out to be the angry goat in question.

With that, the goat cleared a fence and immediately made chase for Katie, as she promptly sped off the way she came, screaming in harrowing, yet hilarious footage.

Brilliantly, the footage was captured by Katie’s sister Sophie, as well as Katie herself, and it was shared to Twitter. It’s an excellent watch…

Amazing stuff.

Images via Twitter, Getty