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Angry Woman Allegedly Attempts To Run Over Partner For Snatching Her Fries


An angry woman allegedly attempts to run over partner for snatching her fries. An unusual dispute over fries has led to serious charges for an Australian woman. Charlotte Harrison, 42, is accused of aggravated endangering life and driving in a reckless or dangerous manner after allegedly running over her partner, Matthew Finn, with her car. The incident occurred on a busy road in Adelaide, Australia, on Sunday afternoon.

Australian Woman Faces Charges After Allegedly Running Over Partner For Taking Her Fries

According to Finn's statement in court, the dispute began when he took a fry from Harrison's "chicken and chips pack" while they were driving. Finn claimed he had asked for permission beforehand, but Harrison became angry anyway. "I thought she was finished. Yeah, I shouldn't have asked for that chip," Finn said.

Girlfriend Attacks Partner Over Chips

Finn alleges that he got out of the vehicle following the fry dispute, and Harrison drove at him with her vehicle. While allegedly aiming at Finn, Harrison drove into oncoming traffic and hit a power box. "Straight into a Toyota Yaris, and yeah, the poor girl, she'd be shocked for life. That was the worst part," Finn said.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/angry-woman-allegedly-attempts-to-run-over-partner-for-snatching-her-fries/ by Morgan Maverick on 2023-03-02T05:01:06.228Z

However, Harrison disputes these claims. She revealed that she was driving Finn to the hospital because he was feeling unwell earlier in the day. However, Finn allegedly demanded to be let out of the car before assaulting her.

Harrison's attorney alleges that she was not attempting to injure Finn but instead wanted to make a U-turn to notify police of the assault. "She has, by mistake, stepped on the accelerator rather than the brake and then hit the pole as described in the CCTV footage," the attorney said.

The attorney also alleged that Harrison has been assaulted by Finn before and that he had used drugs and previously spent time in prison. During a bail application, Harrison claimed that she should be released because she "complied with police" during their investigation.

The magistrate expressed concerns about the situation, supported by surveillance footage, and offered that Harrison may be a flight risk. The prosecutors have not yet made their allegations, and Harrison is due back in court this coming Friday.


The dispute over fries between a couple in Adelaide, Australia, has resulted in serious charges against the woman, Charlotte Harrison. While her partner, Matthew Finn, alleges that she tried to run him over with her car, Harrison claims that she was only trying to make a U-turn to notify the police after Finn assaulted her.

The case shows how small disputes can quickly escalate and lead to dangerous situations, and as the proceedings continue, the truth behind what happened that day will hopefully be revealed.

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