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Animals That Die After Sex - From Mating To Slaying


The ability to reproduce is a gift, but for some species, it can be deadly.

In this article, you will be able to identify the animals that die after sex.

There are dozens of different ways that animals can mate, whether they are bacteria the size of a pinhead or giant beasts that live in the jungle.

One nice example of this is the mating behavior of the African bullfrog.

In areas with only a few centimeters of water depth, young male African bullfrogs gather.

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They will also battle amongst themselves, which can sometimes lead to damage or even death, as the most powerful males strive to prevent the rest from reproducing with one another.

However, the first animal on our list is an animal that commits suicide after sex with one of its mates.

Brown Antechinus

Mating to death: the tough life of an antechinus

The Brown Antechinus, a carnivorous marsupial, lives in eastern Australia and feeds on insects.

Its fur is short and coarse; its teeth are small and sharp; and its skull is large and pointed.

This brown, mouse-sized, insect-eating marsupial, with larger eyes and a hairless tail like a rat, has a short and hopeless life span.

Just as winter comes to Australia, the tiny animals stop making sperm and start a busy mating season that lasts only two weeks.

During this time, they can only pass on so much genetic information to the next generation.

The Brown Antechinus spends five to fourteen hours a day mating and naturally attempts to reproduce with as many females as possible during this season.

When they near the end of the breeding season, the stress hormones cause a collapse of the immune system, which results in internal bleeding, infections, and eventually death.

Chris Dickman, a professor at the University of Sydney, made the following statement:

Every year, about the same time, the females ovulate and at about that time, every male drops dead. They beef themselves up. They get more muscular, they grow. But the other consequence of pumping themselves full of corticosteroids is that there are damaging effects throughout the body.

Cowpea Seed Beetles

The cowpea weevil, or cowpea seed beetle, is the popular name for a species of beetle called Callosobruchus maculatus.

This common pest of stored beans and peas can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

On ripening pods, eggs are laid, and the infestation usually begins in the field.

However, the female beetle is severely harmed during copulation before she can lay eggs.

The female reproductive system is damaged by penile spines in the male.

Liam Dougherty and his colleagues at the University of Western Australia found that male cowpea seed beetles have dangerous penises with spikes.

Dougherty said:

There’s not much courtship. The smaller male jumps on the female and there’s a bit of a struggle. He sort of leans back when he’s fully in. Then there’s a period when the female starts kicking the male. Then they break apart after a few minutes.

In order to protect themselves from the scary penises, the females are quickly making their reproductive organs stronger and tougher.

But the males react quickly by expanding the spikes much longer than they were before.

Close-Up Video Of The Spikey Penis Of Cowpea Seed Beetle

Bean beetle reveals prickly penis before violent sex

This video contains a close-up that was taken from a television program that was nominated for an award at this year's Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.

The program focuses on the sexual behavior of harmful beetles and includes action shots of the beetles engaging in sexual activity.

Tony Lee and his team at The Garden Productions in London used a microscope to take pictures of the male's penis hurting the female while they were making love.

The images show the penis puncturing the female's reproductive tract.

However, the act does allow the couple that is copulating to cling together more, which increases the possibility that sperm will be transferred.

Mallard Ducks


The mallard duck is known for its waterproof feathers.

Mallard ducks live in close proximity to water bodies such as ponds, marshes, streams, and lakes.

The male Mallard duck, known as a drake, has a chestnut-brown breast, a glossy green head, and a white ring around its neck. It also has a white ring around its neck.

A biologist from the University of Alberta named Lee Foote, who has hunted, examined, and consumed a great number of mallards over the years, mentioned that one of the intriguing things about mallard ducks is that they have external penises.

Unlike most birds, the mallard has a large penis that sticks out several centimeters when it's time to mate.

During mating, the mallard penis and vagina both have a complicated, corkscrew-like form.

With his head bobbing and beak submerged in water to let the water drip off, a mating male will try to woo his mate of choice by flaunting his green feathers.

Mallards often do what used to be known as "rape chases" but is now called "forced copulations." This happens when several males chase after a female and forcefully mate with her, which can kill the female.

A biologist named Pat Kehoe observed:

I've seen cases where six or eight males will be chasing a female in flight. It's a very violent situation.


First footage ever of deep-sea anglerfish mating | Inverse

Deep sea anglerfish are bony fish with a unique way of hunting.

They do this by using a modified version of their luminous fin ray (also called the esca or illicium) to attract prey from other fish species.

The anglerfish has the ability to stretch both its jaw and stomach, which enables it to swallow prey that is up to twice its size.

Because individuals are so uncommon in the area, the chances of running into them are similarly low. As a result, it can be difficult to find a suitable partner.

Male anglerfish live alone and spend their whole lives looking for and catching another female to live with.

One of his teeth will pierce her flesh, and he will be permanently attached to her.

The male turns into a sexual parasite, giving the female sperm on demand while his own organs are used up.

More than one male anglerfish can be captured by the same female fish.

The male anglerfish is completely useless on his own.

He has no choice except to follow his nose and cross his fingers that he comes upon a scent trail that leads to a female that is emitting pheromones.

If he's fortunate enough to come upon a female pheromone trail, his main goal is to track down the female and bite her!

He will suffer and die if he cannot find a female mate.

What Animal Has Sex The Most Often

Which Animals Have The Most Sex

Which Animal Make Love The Longest


During the two weeks of the annual mating season, a male will attempt to have as many sexual encounters as is physically feasible.

These encounters can last for up to 14 hours at a time, and the male will move quickly from one female to the next.


When a lioness is in heat, she will frequently mate with more than one male, and this frenzy of copulation can last for several days, reaching up to forty times a day.

When a female lion is in heat, she becomes so preoccupied with mating that she frequently forgets to eat during these periods.

5 Animals That Mate Themselves To Death

Top 5 Animals That Die After Mating

People Also Ask

Which Animal Died After Having Sex?

Male kalutas, which look like small mice and live in the dry parts of Northwestern Australia, are semelparous, which means that they die soon after mating.

Only a few dozen vertebrates are known to have this kind of extreme method of reproduction, and most of them are fish.

Which Animal Kills Its Mate After Mating?

Spiders and scorpions are known to eat their mates.

This happens when the female of a species eats the male during or after mating.

A male Springbok praying mantis looking for a hookup doesn't have to worry about a female stealing his heart.

What Animals Die After Reproduction?

Four common species die quickly after giving birth.

The octopus, squid, salmon, and common mayfly are all included.

As a rule of thumb, men die quickly after fertilizing the female's eggs, and females live long enough to give birth.

Why Do Some Animals Die After They Mate?

All males pass away in those species that have fully adapted to the shorter mating system: High stress levels result in a deadly immune system breakdown as well as hemorrhaging and infection-related death.


The animals that die after sex featured in this article prove that the sexual life of animals is not always a bed of roses and chocolates.

Many species engage in what is known as traumatic mating, which is when the act of reproducing is painful or even destructive to one or both of the partners.

The author hopes that you enjoyed reading this article!

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