Ant And Dec Pranking Bradley Walsh On ‘The Chase’ Set Is Everything

Ben PulsfordBen Pulsford
Published 22.03.20

Ant and Dec pranking Bradley Walsh on the set of the The Chase is the laugh we all need right now

At Bradley’s expense, of course, but he took it on the chin… in the end.


The presenting duo have orchestrated some pretty legendary pranks on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, but nothing compares to the hell they put The Chase’s Bradley Walsh through in last night’s episode. And thank f*ck they did, quite frankly. We’re all in desperate need of entertainment and laughs at other people’s expense RN.

I’m just saying – thank you, boys.

The ep was always going to be on odd one for both viewers and hosts Ant and Dec, as the studio audience was empty, due to new social distancing measures for coronavirus. If you watch the regularly, you’ll know that the studio audience is basically a vital organ to the show’s flow and energy.

Despite this, the tele icons put on one hell of a show for the scores of fans watching in self-isolation at home. Being the ridiculously talented and hilarious national treasures they are, the show was basically near-perfect.


Undeniably, a significant factor in its success was the viscous prank the pair pulled on The Chase host, Bradley Walsh – while he was hosting a regular episode of the hit ITV gameshow (or at least what he thought was a regular episode).

I won’t spoil the beautiful madness for you – it really has to be seen to be believed – but basically, Ant and Dec orchestrated a series of on-set pranks during what Walsh thought was a regular taping of The Chase. During the filming, Ant and Dec fed one contestant every answer leading them to racking up a record £200,000 for their – to Bradley’s absolute disbelief. The pair even masterminded a fake explosion on set,  before coming on disguised as firemen to deal with the situation.


It’s television gold and if you’re in a need of a laugh right now (#allofus), give it a watch IMMEDIATELY.

Social media has been raving about the series of pranks at poor old Bradley’s expense since the segment aired last night.

One social media user wrote:

Brilliant show, thank you for bringing us some laughter with so much doom about! Also, well done @BradleyWalsh – great sport!”

Another added:

Bradley Walsh being pranked was the funniest thing in a long time, and the show was just what was needed for some rare light relief.”


Bradley gets pretty p*ssed off at one point during the onslaught of on-set pranks (which only adds to the enjoyment), but once he realises his ITV buds are behind the chaos, he soon sees the funny side.

Once all is revealed, The Chase host and Doctor Who star tells the pair:

 “Keep the nation smiling, you’re doing a great job.”

What a good sport.

Keeping laughing, everyone. 

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