Argos Is Selling A Gazebo With A Built In Bar For A Huge Discount

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in News, UK, World
Published 24.05.19
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Argos are selling a gazebo for an absolute bargain.

With June creeping ever closer we suddenly start writing loads about summer products, outdoor gizmos and garden furniture.

It just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t bring you news about gin ice lollies or patio heaters with a bluetooth speaker and a light show. It’s weird because we definitely don’t do this in winter.

‘Aldi are selling this new tinsel and you won’t BELIEVE how good it is’ just doesn’t have the same appeal does it?

There are all sorts of lovely connotations with summer but none more so than feck-off gazebos.

They’re notoriously a pain in the arse to set up and offer absolutely no protection from the wind but by God do we love them. A little tent-like house out in the garden. What a novelty.

But get this, Argos – you know them: connoisseurs of the small, blue pen, shops contain nothing but catalogues – are selling nifty gazebos at a third of the price they were selling them just a few days ago.

They started off at £330, but now they’ve been reduced to £197.99, giving you an absolutely tremendous saving of £132. But get this: it has a built-in bar and also comes with two stools. You just need two people to fill them; Argos don’t sell those, I’ve checked.

Be sure to measure your garden first though because these gazebos are a monster, sizing up at 250cm x 244cm x 244cm, while the table is 105cm x 50cm x 205cm.

The bar also has a reinforced glass top with metal shelves underneath and fabric curtains covering them (fancy) as well as a wine rack to dangle glasses from.

“The metal frame has been designed with style in mind and would suit both a modern or traditional setting,” the site’s description reads. “It even has a smart wine glass rack built in. And the vented roof and on-trend grey finish adds an elegant luxe look. Perfect for garden parties, barbeques, or to simply enjoy on a quiet night in.”

The ‘Bar Gazebo, Table & Chairs Set’ is only on offer until 4th June, so get there ASAP if you’re looking to pick one up.

If you’re in the midst of a garden refurb and fancy kitting it out, or you just want to keep guests in your swanky new gazebo, then look no further than the aforementioned patio heater, courtesy of German budget-busters Aldi.

It comes decks out with a Bluetooth speaker and an LED light display that changes colour depending on what mood you’re after, given that it’s controlled by a remote, which is very useful for parties.

The heater is already out and will set you back a cool £99, which isn’t a bad price for something you’ll use this summer and toss in the shed and forget about.

Not much I can add to this really.

Big, fecking cheap gazebo. You’re welcome.

Images via Argos/Aldi

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