We all need something to keep us cool in bed this summer, a cooling mattress topper could be that.

It’s getting pretty hot in my bed these days and I’m ashamed to say not always in the cool way. That’s right, I’m just sweating while not moving most of the time.

My girlfriend has to put up with a lot. Good times.

It’s supposed to be 38 degrees Celsius in London tomorrow. 38?! I’m not even using hyperbole; that is hotter than the sun and sleeping during that will be nigh impossible.


Working in this 32 degree heat is hard enough, but the annoying thing is that when the air con’s put on, you just get too cold. I sit directly under the unit that just blows freezing cold air on me and that is far worse than just sweating a bit.

I want something that keeps me cool, all the while not tricking me into thinking I’m standing on that rock from Half Blood Prince


Well it looks like a cooing mattress topper could be the answer to my problems and happily this one is being sold by Argos, rather than some company in America that charges £60 for delivery.

Annoyingly, the mattress topper comes in at £69.99 and comes in single bed-size, meaning that you’ll probably have to get two if you want full coverage, but I guess you can’t put a price on good sleep; something medical journals keep blaming the lack off for very poor health.

gel cooling mattress topper
Not much to look at, is it?


The product description reads:

In the warmer weather many people get uncomfortably hot and can’t sleep. The cool mattress topper solves that problem. The secret is in the sealed gel packs that react to your body heat to create a ‘dry’ cooling sensation. The mattress topper is seam free and finished in luxurious cotton ready to pop under your sheet. Besides cooling you down, the pads are fantastic for headaches, sunburn, hot feet, hot flushes and to combat high temperatures caused by ailments or medication.

I suppose we have to take their word for it. I’m not actually going to buy one so I couldn’t possibly comment. The reviews are pretty middle-of-the-road too, so I can’t even point you to those.

Follow your heart?

Images via Getty, Argos