Ariana Grande uploaded photo’s to Instagram wearing crocs and socks and people just can’t handle it. (Meaning they freakin’ love it).

Now, obviously Crocs have been a laughing stock since, well, when they were invented, and I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been anything worse since – apart from all the other Croc iterations we’ve had over the years.


Remember the days you would go on holiday with your family and you’d go shoe shopping for something to ‘wear around the pool’ and your mum would point these bad boys out? Even at five years old I knew they would be a bad accessory.


But yes, the Queen of Pop – and my ultimate girl crush, – is a proud owner of the shoe. And not only that, she wears them with socks too, which must mean they’re suddenly the height of fashion.

Just look at her:

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baby platypus


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Honestly, only Ariana Grande could pull off wearing crocs and socks with a jumper. If I tried that, I’d look like I’d come off a drunken night out and was going to the corner shop to buy a bottle of Lucozade and ten bags of crisps.

Whereas she – well she’s such an angel isn’t she?

Looking at the comments under the photo, it looks like everybody is here for the new fashion statement.



One person being Millie Bobby Brown who left the comment “ily” (she’s so cute too).

Another comment reads “OMG girllleee love this fit… slay queen”. Another read “so she just made crocs a thing?” – I believe the answer is yes.

Maybe the answer to pulling Crocs off is nice legs and a good tan? Who knew.

Although socks with Crocs is a traditionally questionable fashion choice, the unlikely combo is gaining popularity.

Crocs have teamed up with the streetwear company Alife to unleash an all-new collection of their multicoloured plastic shoes on the world, complete with, you guessed it, socks.

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Alife® Crocs™ available now online and in store. ©2018

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Should I give them a go?




I want to, but the horrible reality of the situation is that I’m going to look like a hungover goblin trying to pull it off. And I’ll probably spend all my money on different coloured Crocs until I find which colour suits me best.

White or black? They go with everything right?

Images from Crocs and Instagram.