Over the weekend, Twitter was set alight with tweets suggesting the real Banksy is Art Attack’s own Neil Buchanan.

Yes, there’s no denying Buchanan is an absolute childhood icon when it comes to making masterpieces out of pipe cleaners and coloured tissue paper, but could he ever really be the elusive man behind the murals?

Well, Twitter seems to think so.


But others say you can’t really compare Buchanan’s Big Art Attack’s with Banksy’s epic murals.

With speculation reaching new levels, Buchanan has been forced to set the record straight.

Taking to his website, Buchanan has entitled a post: ‘Neil Buchanan is NOT Banksy’ saying: “We have been inundated with enquiries over the weekend regarding the current social media story”.

“Unfortunately, this website does not have the infrastructure to answer all these enquiries individually, however we can confirm that there is no truth in the rumour whatsoever”.

Adding: “Neil spent Lockdown with vulnerable members of his family and is now preparing to launch is new art collection in 2021”.

But despite the firm denial from Buchanan, many Twitter users remain speculative drawing on Buchanan’s “double life in the ’90s as Smarty Arty on Zzzap!”.

Of course, if he’s done it once – he could well do it again.

Leading onto some big questions on the identity of Art Attack’s ‘The Head’ too.

It’s one of life’s unanswered questions and perhaps we will never really know the mystery behind the masterpieces?