Artist Imagines What It Would Look Like If ‘Avengers’ Was Made In The 90s

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film
Published 09.05.19

Avengers: Endgame was a special film, and showed us a culmination of 22 films with characters we got to love over eleven years.

We feel in love with the Avengers for many reasons but, primarily, the perfect casting (other than maybe Jeremy Renner) made it so much easier to fall into that universe.


But what would have happened if Marvel decided to go ahead with the MCU back in the 90s – what would things have looked like then?

Thankfully, we now know, since one artist decided to have a go at photoshopping who they thought would be cast into the roles…


Eddie Murphy as Falcon, Tom Cruise as Iron Man and Brad Pitt as Thor.


Funnily enough, Tom Cruise was pretty close to being cast as Iron Man before the first film was released in 2008.


Sharon Stone as Pepper Potts, Michael J Fox as Spider-Man, Brendan Fraser as Star Lord and Keanu Reeves as Doctor Strange.

I love Tom Holland as Spider-Man but Michael J Fox is an excellent choice.


Dolph Lundgren as Vision, Leonardo DiCaprio as Captain America, Johnny Depp as Hawkeye, Cuba Gooding, Jr. as War Machine, and Sandra Bullock as Wasp.

Weird how they’ve used everyone’s current phase but Johnny Depp’s young face…

Denzel Washington as Black Panther, David Duchovny as The Hulk, Alicia Silverstone as Scarlet Witch, and Ben Stiller as Antman.

Ben Stiller as Ant-Man is a great shout.


I don’t really understand why the actors largely look like their present day selves but hey why not, I’m here for it.

With that said, I much prefer things as they are now, and absolutely could not imagine anyone other than Robert Downy Jr and Chris Evans as Tony Stark and Captain America.

Images via Imgur, Disney