These days animals seem to be quickly catching us humans up when it comes to the ol’ cognitive ability.

We’ve all seen those videos of pissed-off orang-utans doing sign language or chimps reacting to magic tricks, but our primate cousins are currently being top-trumped by some supremely talented and creative rats, who have taken a liking to painting.

I haven’t got an artistic bone in my body, so these little guys are really putting me to shame, even though most of their work is just of their footprints scattered across a canvas.

Still, it’s good to have a hobby isn’t it?

21-year-old Steph in Somerset, United Kingdom, who currently works full time in the veterinary industry as a student veterinary nurse, has a small pet portrait photography business named Toogoods Tiny Paws.

According to her FB page, she got the idea of rats painting when she lost one of her rats, Captain Jack Sparrow unexpectedly in 2018. She took his paw prints after he’d passed, and wanted something similar for the other boys to do whilst they were still with her. So she sourced some mini canvases, and got them to paint.

Steph sells a variety of products featuring her pets’ art: coasters, keyrings, hair scrunchies, and more.

However, currently, their Etsy store has no listings available. Turns out, people bought everything they had available and Steph eventually run out of canvas for them to paint on.

She is making an order this week and hopefully arranging pre orders soon. If you’re interested in buying their artwork, you can stay tuned to their Etsy store.

I mean, it’s hardly the Mona Lisa, but there’s so much garbage modern art these days that this rat-work would put half of what’s in Tate Modern to shame.

There’s a f*cking Sainsbury’s receipt on a wall in there.

Plus, they’re rats – if they did literally anything other than eat, sleep, shit and chew through wires it’d be impressive.

Little Jackson Pollocks.

Images via Facebook/ Toogoods Tiny Paws.