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Artistic Rats Create Tiny Little Paintings And Their Work Is Already Sold Out


Animals now appear to be swiftly catching up to humans in terms of cognitive ability. We've all seen those movies of irate chimpanzees reacting to magic tricks or angry orang-utans performing sign language, but right now, our monkey cousins are being outdone by some incredibly brilliant and inventive rats who enjoy painting.

These little people are really putting me in my place because I am completely lacking in artistic talent, even if the majority of their work consists of only their footprints dispersed across a canvas. Yet, isn't it beneficial to have a hobby?

Steph, a 21-year-old student veterinary nurse working full-time in the veterinary field in Somerset, England, runs a tiny pet photography company called Toogoods Little Paws.

Her Facebook page claims that she was inspired to start painting rats after losing one of her rats, Captain Jack Sparrow, suddenly in 2018.

Once he had died, she took his paw prints, and while the other boys were still with her, she wanted them to do something similar. She found some miniature canvases and had them paint them.

Steph sells a range of goods decorated with artwork created by her pets, including coasters, keychains, and hair scrunchies.

However, there aren't any listings in their Etsy store right now. As it turned out, everyone bought what they had to offer, and Steph eventually ran out of canvases for them to use.

This week, she will place an order, and maybe soon, she will set up preorders. Keep an eye on their Etsy shop if you're interested in purchasing their artwork.


Even though it's not quite the Mona Lisa, there is so much subpar modern art available these days that this rat-work would belittle most of the pieces at Tate Modern.

On one of the walls there is a f*cking Sainsbury's receipt. Also, they are rats; if they did anything else but eat, sleep, poop, and chew through cables, it would be astounding. Little cute Jackson Pollocks.

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