ASDA Are Selling £1 Cans Of Passionfruit Martini And Pink Gin And Tonics

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 27.06.19

ASDA’s new cans of cocktails are £1 each and that’s a reason to celebrate.

I’ll be honest with you, ever since trying Marks and Spencer’s cans of gin and tonic, I’ve always been dubious of cocktails that come on that packaging.

Premixed cocktails in general are a little suspect to me, and that particular G&T was particularly offensive. That’s my issue with Diane Abbott’s Tube antics, it’s not the fact that she’s drinking, it’s that she’s drinking a can for M&S.


But anyway, part of the reason that drink was so problematic to me was its price. Nothing’s cheap from Marks and Spencer, but their alcohol really takes the piss (except for their Belgian lager which is surprisingly nice), so if there’s an equivalent to that, then I may be onboard.

Income ASDA, with their fancy new cans of alcohol and yeah, I’m intrigued.

The flavours ASDA are peddling for the low, low price of one pound per can include Passion Fruit Martini, Gin Bramble, Pink Gin, and Rhubarb Gin.

Rhubarb’s big at the moment, isn’t it? It’s nice though, so I’m glad.

ASDA’s Spirits Buyer Lauren Bungay says that the cans aim to “take the fuss out of cocktails” for the busy summer, explaining:

With summer jam-packed full of celebrations, we wanted to ensure we have something customers could easily grab-and-go with, no matter the occasion.

With canned cocktails growing in popularity thanks to their ease, flavour and convenience, our new ready-to-drink range aims to take the fuss out of cocktails, providing the perfect solutions for busy summer days.

Whether you’re a fan of fruity, or a gin-traditionalist, our new range has something everyone can enjoy.

At just £1 for single cans, the range is the perfect value option for Brits looking for delicious drinks that don’t come with the cocktail lounge price tag.

I quite like making cocktails, to be honest, but I see what she’s getting at.

Meanwhile, the supermarket have launched a new line of flavoured gins, and they all take inspiration from classic sweets that while I say “from your childhood,” they still absolutely exist now and if anything, are more accessible as an adult.

The flavours include Pear Drop, Lemon Sherbet, and Parma Violet and expect for that last one, they sound pretty nice.

pear drop gin asda

ASDA suggest that you use a particular set of mixers for your taste sensation, including Rhubarb Soda with a Hint of Cardamom, Sicilian Lemonade, Soda Water with a hint of Sicilian Lemon, Blood Orange & Rosemary Tonic Water or Pink Grapefruit & Peach Tonic Water.

Each 70cl bottle will set you back a fairly modest £18, and comes in at a far less than modest 40% AVB. Pretty strong. Nice.

lemon sherbert gin asda

Ed Sowerby, a man with the best job (ASDA spirits product manager), said:

Novelty, quality gins have become a summer must-have for customers looking to entertain with flair and flavour.

Working closely with our suppliers, we’ve created a range of gins which are both glitzy and gorgeous to look at, but also deliver popular flavours the nation knows and loves.

Boozy summer it is then. Lovely.

Images via ASDA