ASDA Are Selling Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream With Chocolate Brownie Chunks In It

AvatarThe Hook in News, UK
Published 12.05.20

Lotus Biscoff have unveiled their latest invention and if you’re a fan of Lotus Biscoff, then surely this is excellent news.

The folks in the ideas department over at Lotus really are outdoing themselves lately.  What presumably started off as a humble biscuit to accompany one’s coffee has quickly turned into all sorts of other-worldly combinations, from Lotus Biscoff KitKats to Lotus Biscoff Krispy Kremes.

You’d think the novelty would wear off after a while, like salted caramel, but no, Lotus Biscoff is still going strong and releasing even more delicious treats.

The biscuity spread purveyors have just unveiled a Lotus Biscoff ice cream with chunks of chocolate brownie bits in it, and if that isn’t a middle finger up to the people at Ben & Jerry’s I don’t know what is.

The 460ml tubs are available at Asda in-store, and those over at newsfood uk, who are suspiciously always on the frontline of new products, have given us a glimpse.

The new Biscoff tub range comes in four flavours; original, blueberry & cheesecake, chocolate brownie and Belgian Chocolate Chips, but right now just the original flavour and chocolate brownie flavour is available in the UK.

All flavours were previously only available in the US so although we’re a bit late to the party at least we can finally get our hands on some of it.

Newsfooduk were also the peeps to unveil Lotus new sandwich biscuits, which are available right now.

The biscuits come in a variety of flavours, including Caramel Cream, Vanilla and Chocolate. Actually, they’re entirely limited to those three flavours.

A Lotus spokesperson said:

“The new Sandwich biscuit is the ultimate taste sensation that is sure to go down in biscuit history. The Lotus Biscoff Cream has the same unique, unmatched flavour and satisfying crunch of the Lotus Biscoff biscuit, but is circular in shape and packed with a delicious layer of Lotus Biscoff cream.

“However, it doesn’t stop there! These Biscoff sandwich delights are also available with a Milk Chocolate or Vanilla cream filling, meaning that Lotus Biscoff lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the tasty new creation“.

What else can you really say?