ASDA Is Selling Pots of Pink Gin Cream For Your Mince Pies This Year

Ben PulsfordBen Pulsford in News, UK
Published 30.11.19

ASDA is selling pots of pink gin cream for your mince pies this Christmas

Forget the mince pies. I’ll just drink it straight, thanks.


This is going to keep Granny busy for a solid afternoon this Christmas, ASDA, so can I just start off by saying a wholehearted THANK YOU? And for just £2, too! You’re too kind.

pink gin cream

Extra special indeed

We all know that Christmas is about overindulgence and drinking ourselves into an oblivion (that’s not just me, is it?), so it’s hard for a supermarket to deliver a game-changer at this time of year. But ASDA’s Extra Special Pink Gin Cream is just that, ticking three of my main boxes to boot; pink gin, dessert and pink gin again.


This festive treat is prepared with British double cream, contains no artificial colours or flavours, is suitable for vegetarians and contains a generous amount of alcohol. Again, thank you ASDA.

The supermarket recommends that the decadent treat be “spooned over mince pies” (which makes me giggle ’cause I’m criminally immature for my age) but I recommend just warming it up and drinking it directly from the pot.

I don’t really. Stay responsible this Christmas *such creamy temptation, though*.

ASDA pink gin cream


A spokesperson for ASDA said:

“We’re really excited to bring our customers a boozy twist on a Christmas staple.

“We’re seeing gin-infused foods continue as a big theme within and with Pink Gin still rising in popularity, we wanted to ensure that Brits could still savour their favourite flavour throughout winter in the form of this delicious cream!”


More gin wins!

While we’re on the subject of gin – I’m very comfortable in this social realm, FYI – I must remind you all of a few other festive treats that no gin fan should miss out on this Christmas.

And f*ck buying these as gifts for other people – these are for you, my friend.

Eden Cane’s Candy Cane Christmas Gin

Christmas candy cane gin

As it stands, gin is a pretty festive drink anyway, but making it candy cane flavoured really does give it that extra-festive edge and that’s exactly what Eden Mill have done with their Candy Cane Christmas Gin.


Gordon’s Pink Gin Chocolate Advent Calendar

Gordon pink gin advent calendar

The indulgent Gordon’s Premium Pink Advent Calendar is exclusive to Debenhams and advertised as the perfect way for pink gin fans to celebrate the Christmas countdown. For just £10.40 (it was £13 when we last wrote about it), gin lovers can enjoy 23 strawberry cream dark chocolates throughout the December countdown and then on Christmas Eve, celebrate with a 50ml Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin bottle (ABV: 37.5%).


I apologise in advance if you have to read any of my Hook stories over Christmas. No doubt, I’ll either be in a nauseating food coma or drunk off my a*s. Either way, ASDA’s pink gin cream will be to blame.