ASDA Pigs In Blankets Sausage Rolls Are Here

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 03.12.19

ASDA pigs in blankets sausage rolls are here in time for Christmas and listen, I don’t want to use hyperbole, but these may be the best Christmas snacks ever made.

Pigs in blankets are pretty wonderful and though it’s weird that we only get out hands on them around Christmas, that’s probably a good thing. Too much of a god thing.

There’s not many ways to make a humble pig in a blanket more delicious, but the ASDA pigs in blankets sausage rolls have gone some way to trying their hardest to improve on a perfect recipe.


I’ve said it before and rather than say it again, I’ll just copy and paste it from one of my old articles; can we please all boycott the companies with the audacity to sell run-of-the-mill sausage and bacon sandwiches with the label ‘Pigs under Blankets’?

That’s just a sausage and bacon sandwich turned upside-down. Wrap the pigs in the blankets or f*ck off.

The stock images for pigs in blankets are truly disturbing


ASDA aren’t doing that, but I just feel like I have the moral obligation to get that off my chest every time I think of it.


What’s in the ASDA pigs in blankets sausage rolls?


ASDA pigs in blankets sausage rolls

The wonderful creations are made of seasoned sausage meat, wrapped in bacon and then topped off with a buttery layer of flakey, delicious puff pastry.

The rolls are baked to order in store, and you can get your hands on a lovely, freshly cooked pig in blanket sausage roll for a lowly 99 pence.


What’s not to like?!

Why are they on noodles? This is what happens when Americans are left to do English food

An ASDA spokesperson said of the creations:

Our Christmas sandwich range is always popular with customers every year and this year we wanted to create something that’s also made for on-the-go eating and includes a family favourite – pigs in blankets.


ASDA’s Pig in Blanket Sausage Roll is a delicious take on a Christmas classic, and what’s more it’s produced in the UK. We hope that customers will enjoy the sausage roll and we’re certain that it will become a lunchtime staple.”

Meanwhile, Aldi have released their own twist on the pigs in blankets classic, with their ones “flavoured” with what’s ranked as the spiciest pepper by Guinness World Records, the scorpion chilli. These pigs in blankets seem like the were invented for a prank, to be honest.

aldi spicy pigs in blankets


Available from the 28th November – with one 240g packet costing £2.29 – the pigs and their blankets are made from 100% British pork and as mentioned before, Scorpion Chillies.

Not my bag at all.

Images via ASDA, Aldi