Ash Ketchum Has Finally Won The Pokémon League After 22 Years Of Trying

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Gaming, TV
Published 16.09.19

It’s taken 22 years but Ask Ketchum is finally the Pokémon League Master and it’s hard to say that he doesn’t deserve it.

First and foremost, I know that Ash Ketchum isn’t a real person and Pokémon aren’t real and the only reason the kid hadn’t won the Pokémon League up until now was because the writers made it that way, but this is still pretty cool.

Largely regarded as a not-so-great trainer by people who actually bother to catch ’em all in the games and complete every side quest, Ash was mostly one of those people who treated his Pokémon a lot like we did when we were eight-years-old; having one dangerously overpowered fighter and then five other level-30s or whatever.


He also used stupid moves and chose disadvantageous Pokémon against opponents, like picking a Pikachu against an Onix or a Charizard against a Blastoise, but here we are!

After 22 years of being ten-years-old and constantly failing to be the Pokémon League Master, Ash Ketchum has won the Alola region Pokémon League…


I’m sorry, but the new animation style is horrible.

For a fictional character of what is essentially a kids’ show, Ketchum is getting a lot of praise for his hard work from all sorts of people…



God that animation style. Just bad.

With Ash’s win in mind, there are rumours that the next season of the Pokémon will focus on a new protagonist, the win granting him a well-earned rest.


What that means for future seasons is unclear, but things could go a similar way to the Pokémon Origins series, which was pretty amazing and followed the story of Red, from the Red and Blue games and manga of the nineties… albeit with those weird Mega Evolution things.

Well, congrats to Ash Ketchum. You’ve finally earned the best theme-song of all time…

Images via The Pokémon Company