Ashley Walters and Noel Clarke Want To Make A ‘Bad Boys’ Style ‘Bulletproof’ Movie

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Published 20.03.20

BULLETPROOF MOVIE: Ashley Walters and Noel Clarke are both up for making an “international ‘Bad Boys'”

Self-isolation would be the PERFS time to pen the script, boys. IJS.

Bulletproof stars Ashley Walters (Top Boy) and Noel Clarke (Doctor Who) have told The Hook that they are both “one hundred percent” up for making a Bulletproof movie, based on the their hit comedy-action series.

Banterous besties Bishop and Pike return for a second action-packed season of the Sky original series, dropping on Sky TV today (Friday 20th March 2020) with 8 brand-new episodes.

And thank f*ck for that, tbh. I’ll take all the new binge-worthy boxsets I can get right now.

Anyway, before the whole world went to Hell, I met up with the show’s creators and stars Ashely Walters and Noel Clarke at a swanky AF London hotel to find out what Detectives Bishop and Pike have in store for us all in series 2.

Quite honestly, I felt like I was catching up with two mates – minus the fact that we were living our best lives in a Soho suite – rather than interviewing two high-profile actors, so my designated 20 minutes was largely filled with punchlines, deadpan observations and cracking up.

As a fan of the show, I utterly lived; as a journo employed to do a job, I was close to sh*tting myself 16 minutes in.

Noel Clarke envisions a Bulletproof movie as a mix between The Inbetweeners and Bad Boys

With that being said, we did have a chat about the plausibility of a Bulletproof movie – what with a second season and a bonus three-part special set for release in Autumn 2020 (no word yet as to whether the coronavirus pandemic has delayed this).

Ashley Walters responded without taking a breath:

“One hundred percent.”

I actually felt pain trying to restrain my inner fan-boy after hearing that reaction.

Noel Clarke added:

“That’s what we want to do.

“I feel like, you build up a massive audience as we have done, you get to a place where you can do a sort of ‘Inbetweeners’ like thing – do like a UK ‘Bad Boys’ or something. Or an international ‘Bad Boys’; I don’t think we want to just keep it in the UK. You probably wanna go abroad to catch a bad guy, or whatever.”

If you ask me, I got the vibe that there was certainly an idea floating around, if not the beginnings of a script already in existence. And, as I say, if there was ever a time to pen one, global quarantine seems like the time, boys.

Ashely Walters “would love to play” James Bond

The pair also touched on one of the biggest rumours in Hollywood right now – which lucky actor will be taking over as James Bond, now that Daniel Craig has finally thrown in the towel? Naturally, I had to ask the boys if they would ever consider the role if it was offered.

Noel responded:

“I’m not sure that we would be considered.”

To which Ashley added:

“Yeah, that’s the conversation. If they said Idris [Elba] was ‘too street’.

“Look, I never say never and I would love to play that role, but like Noel said, I can’t see us being considered.”

Ashley Walters.

F*cking Hollywood, eh?

I personally think the iconic role is crying out for someone smart, witty and smooth AF like Ashley Walters to drag it in to 2020.

So what can we expect from Bulletproof series 2?

In addition to the seasoned mix of action and comedy we became so accustomed to in season 1, we can all expect things to be taken up a serious notch – like seven notches.

Here’s the official synopsis for series 2:

“Picking up a year on from the events of Series 1, the bond between Bishop and Pike remains, yet it’s impossible to mask the damage caused by some of last year’s testing cases. In this job it’s up to those left behind to pick up the pieces and put them back together again, which is exactly what ‘best mates’ Bishop and Pike are now trying to do…until they’re dragged into their most dangerous case yet.

“What starts out as a routine sting morphs into something far more dangerous for Bishop, Pike and the rest of the team as they are sucked into the dangerous world of undercover policing. Bishop and Pike’s pasts will collide and their moral codes tested in a tense, heart-stopping game of ‘cat and mouse’ with the Markides… a notorious and elusive Greek Cypriot crime family with connections that spread far beyond the borders of London and the UK.

“Bishop and Pike will travel the country and around Europe in pursuit of justice, bringing their entire team into the line of fire in the process. Staying undercover will push the boys to breaking point, and the lines between good and evil, friend and foe, will become confused. Can good policemen pass themselves off as even better criminals? Only time will tell.”

But deep-rooted in all that fresh excitement, Walters assures me that “the bones of the show” will still be Noel and him “bantering and taking the piss out of each other.”

Thank f*ck. Laughter is a healer RN.

Sky original Bulletproof series 2 is coming to Sky One and NOW TV on Friday 20th March.

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