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Aubrey Plaza Causes Chaos At MTV Awards By Storming Stage In Shocking Incident With Will Ferrell, Gets Kicked Out


Aubrey Plaza’s stage invasion at the 2013 MTV Awards is one of the most bizarre moments in the history of awards shows. The Parks and Recreation, Aubrey Plaza causes chaos at MTV awards by storming stage in shocking incident with Will Ferrell while he was accepting the Comedic Genius accolade. The even left many in the audience stunned and confused. What was going on? Was this staged or an act of drunken misbehavior?

Aubrey Plaza Causes Chaos At MTV Awards By Storming Stage In Shocking Incident With Will Ferrell

The incident has gone down in awards show history, and for good reason. Awards shows are known for their glitz, glamour, and drama, but Plaza’s stage invasion was unlike anything seen before. It was a moment that encapsulated the unpredictable nature of live events, where anything can happen.

The incident began when Plaza suddenly appeared on stage, drink in hand, and tried to grab Ferrell’s award. She said nothing as she attempted to yank it away from him, leaving Ferrell and the audience bewildered. “Are you okay?” Ferrell asked her, still holding onto his award. “Yup,” replied Plaza, who had the name of her film at the time – The To Do List – written across her chest.

Plaza then shuffled back to her seat before being kicked out of the event. Ferrell said all he smelt was 'a lot of hot liquor breath', with MTV denying that the moment had been staged.

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MTV Movie Awards Recap: Rebel Wilson Shines, Aubrey Plaza Storms Stage To Take Will Ferrell's Award

The incident caused a stir, with many speculating about Plaza’s motives. Was she trying to be funny, or was she genuinely drunk and acting out of character? Plaza later revealed that her actions were a result of a dare from her friends. In an interview with New York magazine, she said: “I wanted to do something really crazy. And I wanted to tell my grandkids that I was kicked out of the MTV Awards with Will Ferrell.”

While Plaza’s stage invasion may have been an attempt to make a memorable moment, it also highlighted the unpredictability of awards shows. These events are live, unscripted, and full of celebrities with big egos and even bigger personalities. As such, anything can happen, and often does.

The incident at the 2013 MTV Awards is just one example of the chaos that can ensue when you mix celebrities, alcohol, and live events. From Lady Gaga’s infamous 2010 meat dress to Kanye West’s infamous strop about Taylor Swift’s VMA in 2009, awards shows are no stranger to controversy.

However, Plaza’s stage invasion was unique in its spontaneity and unexpectedness. It was a moment that left both the audience and Ferrell himself unsure of what to make of it. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Ferrell said: “I think she wanted to tell everyone that she had done it. I don't think she was trying to upstage me.”

Despite the confusion surrounding the incident, Plaza’s stage invasion has become a defining moment in her career. It showed that she was willing to take risks and push boundaries, even if it meant getting kicked out of an awards show. In many ways, it was a perfect representation of her unique brand of humor, which often involves a healthy dose of irreverence and absurdity.


In conclusion, Aubrey Plaza’s stage invasion at the 2013 MTV Awards was a moment of pure chaos and unpredictability. It highlighted the fact that anything can happen at live events, particularly when celebrities are involved. While Plaza’s motives may have been questionable, there’s no denying that her actions created a memorable moment that will go down in awards show history.

Inevitably, stuff happens. You have to kind of roll with it.- Will Ferrell

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