Audience Members ‘Flee’ Cinema After Man’s Disgusting Behaviour During ‘Joker’ Screening

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 07.10.19

People watching Joker found themselves fleeing the cinema as one of the audience members began to behave disruptively, leaving them with no other option.

The idea that the new Joker film was so twisted and edgy sort of became a meme in its own right.

After it’s reception at, I believe, the Venice Film Festival, many critics dubbed the DC flick as a twisted and haunting film to such an extent that the words became pretty hollow and paint-by-numbers…


The best review to come from that particular first viewing played on this, and was essentially a satire of everything previously said about that film.


Since then the film has actually been released though, and while the general consensus is pretty positive, there are a few viewers who either left out of disgust, others who worry that the film could be conceived the wrong way by certain people, and even some who had to flee the cinema, due to audience behaviour.

According to reports on Twitter, people were more or less forced to leave the AMC Empire 25 near New York’s Times Square during a viewing of the DC villain film.

Nathanael Hood took to the social media site with a picture of the alleged man who scared people into leaving, saying:


This is the guy who spent our entire screening of JOKER in NYC spitting at people and clapping whenever Joker killed somebody. Security escorted him out after a third of the audience fled the theater out of fear that he’d start hurting people.”


Another man then corroborated the report, saying:


He said:

I was there. Dude sat next to me. I saw him pour a full bottle of tequila into his slushee b4 the movie started. When he stumbled away wasted, I thought he had left. But I guess he just sat somewhere else and started his clapping. Shit was scary – like a 4-D movie experience. 😬”

In a longer blog post that has a couple of spoilers in it – so I won’t quote it in here – Hood went on to say that Phoenix’s Joker got an applause and laugh from the man every time he or someone else killed someone, with people asking him to shut up and eventually, a third of them leaving out of fear that things could get more out of hand.

Well regardless, it’s good that no-one was hurt.

Images via Warner Bros, Twitter