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Aussies Are Upset Because Of Mum's 'Healthy' Version Of Fairy Bread


Aussies are upset because of mum's 'healthy' version of fairy bread. In a recent video posted to TikTok by Fatimah Omran, a cooking teacher from NSW, the mother gives her take on the staple food of Australian party kids, and the viewers are not impressed.

The mother can be heard saying in the video, "My daughter wanted Fairy Bread", I said, "No’, [instead] get some bread, veggies and coconut."

The mother then pans to her cutting board where she is serving thousands of people a healthy alternative in the form of purple cabbage and carrots. "I shredded all the veggies; it would’ve been easier if I had a juicer [and] squeezed out the excess juice,"she continues.

In order to make a statement that it is party time, the mother now adds beetroot to the mixture and squeezes out more juice from it. The mother then goes on to cover the coconut shreds in the vegetable juice and air dry them because she is certain that you don't want a moist mixture.

"I coated the bread with some butter and sprinkled my healthy sprinkles. This is better than any Fairy Bread at any party,"she continues.

With 4.5 million views, the TikTok video has received a lot of negative feedback on the recipe. Aussies are upset because of mum's 'healthy' version of fairy bread.

The recipe has drawn criticism for being "Un-Australian" and Fatimah for "messing" with a traditional dish, but others have praised the mother for her originality.

One person wrote, "Someone hands me this as ‘Fairy Bread’ they will be catching hands."While another commented, "Just remember your kids decide what care home you go in."A third joked, "Calling my mum and telling her I appreciate her."

Another said, "Fairy bread is like the staples of an Aussie kids party, it's not often so let them have it. every once and a while sugar will be ok." One of them said, "Very UnAustralian, she should hang her head in shame."

One said,"How dare she mess with an iconic Australian food. Nobody wants vegetable flavoured coconut bread, how ridiculous.""That’s not fairy bread, that’s disappointed confetti butter with a side of toast,"wrote another.

One said,"Just give kids the damn fairy bread."

"Where is the number for Crimestoppers? I have something to report," another joked.

One said,"Just remember your kids decide what care home you go in."


Aussies are upset because of mum's 'healthy' version of fairy bread. Angry Australians have even called her un-Australian.

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