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Author Tracks Down Reviewer Who Kept Giving Him One-Star Book Reviews


Author tracks down reviewer who kept giving him one-star book reviews. Professor David Wilson, a renowned criminologist from Scotland, became fed up with receiving negative reviews on Amazon for his books.

One particular anonymous reviewer known as 'Junius' continuously gave him one-star reviews, even for books that were highly acclaimed by critics and readers.

Author Tracks Down Anonymous Troll Giving One-Star Reviews Of His Books

Despite having a solid 4.5/5 rating on Amazon with over 9,000 reviews for his most recent book, Murder at Home, Wilson could not ignore the impact that one negative review could have on his ranking and sales. He described the reviewer as his online nemesis and admitted that the attacks were personal.

"'Junius' seemed to take things too far. His attacks were ad hominem - they seemed aimed at my credibility as much as any factual errors I might have made," he wrote for The Times.

Instead of feeling down about the situation, Wilson decided to take action and 'solve the mystery.' He suspected that the anonymous reviewer was a historian or someone with a degree in history. He noticed that 'Junius' signed off his reviews with the hint of an address, "London, Middlesex." After searching for authors who had written about topics related to history and Middlesex, Wilson came across Jonathan Oates, a fellow author who worked in Middlesex and had a Ph.D. in history from Reading University.

Wilson managed to contact Oates, who immediately apologized for his negative reviews. "I'm so sorry. I apologize - I know. I'm so, so sorry," Oates said. During their conversation, Wilson and Oates discussed how Oates could have emailed Wilson if he had found factual errors, instead of giving him negative reviews under a pseudonym.

They also discussed the ethics of reviewing the work of another author on the same topic using a pseudonym.

Jonathan Oates holding his crime book in a bookstore
Jonathan Oates holding his crime book in a bookstore

Oates later admitted to being 'Junius' and apologized for his harsh comments. "I suppose I am now unmasked," he said. The situation highlights the potential impact of negative online reviews and the importance of being ethical and professional when critiquing the work of others.


In conclusion, Professor David Wilson's experience with an anonymous reviewer on Amazon serves as a cautionary tale for authors and readers alike. Negative reviews can have a significant impact on an author's sales and ranking, and it's important to be ethical and professional when critiquing the work of others. As Wilson demonstrated, it's possible to track down anonymous reviewers and put an end to unfair reviews.

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