‘Avengers: Endgame’ Director Says Loki Could Absolutely Still Be Alive

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Published 07.05.19

Does this article contain spoilers for Avengers: Endgame? I don’t know. Probably? Yeah, let’s say it does.

Bookmark this article, go and watch Endgame and then come back to this. You know why? Because I’m going to talk about Loki and I’ll probably say a few things about Endgame. I’ve got free reign, baby. I might even talk about some other things?

Only time will tell.


If you have dry lips, do you have to apply lip balm every time each last layer sinks in, or is it more of a one-a-day kind of things? I’ve been going for the former but it doesn’t seem sustainable. Any answers would be appreciated.

Right, Loki chat. Little trickster, isn’t he?


Despite him being killed off in the opening moments of Avengers: Infinity War, we still got a good look at him in Endgame, down to many of the Avengers enjoying some mind-bending time travel.


Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Ant-Man travelled back to 2012 New York – just after the battle between the Avengers and Loki’s forces – to collect both Loki’s sceptre and the Tesseract, but due to a mistake involving Hulk knocking out Tony Stark, the mischievous Asguardian made off with the aforementioned Tesseract.


To amend this, Tony and Steve travelled to the 70s to infiltrate early S.H.I.E.L.D and eventually, things were fixed again, with no mention of Loki stealing an Infinity Stone because, presumably, that timeline was erased.

But this has a lot of people speculating that Loki is very much still alive – at the very least in another timeline – and now one half of directing due, the Russo Brothers, Anthony Russo, has come out and said that this could be a possibility.


Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, when asked, he simply replied with:

Loki could absolutely still be alive in an alternate timeline.

I mean that’s that then.


The general rule with comic books and the resulting films and TV shows is that if someone’s dead, they’re not dead… unless they’re Uncle Ben.

Since his onscreen death, it has been confirmed that Loki would be getting his own Disney+ show and that could very much be about the Loki that ran off with the Tessaract; the one who got no redemption in the following film appearances.


I was under the impression that the series would be set before his film appearances. I can’t remember where I heard that but that was what I was telling people.

I’m probably just an idiot.

Yeah let’s go with that. Let’s go with me being an idiot who can’t use lip balm.

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