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Baby Born With A Perfect Heart-Shaped Birthmark On Its Tummy


This is a rare and heartwarming occurrence: "A baby born with a perfect heart-shaped birthmark on its tummy." The baby, whose name is Jorgia Welch, was born on February 22, 2022, and the photo of their birthmark has been circulating on social media, capturing the hearts of people around the world.

A Rare Occurrence

While birthmarks are relatively common, a heart-shaped birthmark is incredibly rare. The heart-shaped birthmark on this baby's tummy is a perfectly symmetrical shape, and the photo has quickly gone viral as people share in the joy and wonder of this rare occurrence.

Jayne Welch, 37, stated that baby Jorgia was the talk of the hospital when she was born due to her unusual birthmark. "The heart-shaped birthmark is on Jorgia's tummy, and the midwives couldn't believe it when they spotted it," the Stoke-on-Trent mother explained. She added:

When she was first born, it was only a little red mark, but in a perfect heart shape. We knew we were having a girl and the paediatrician was amazed when they noticed the red marking on Jorgia’s tiny tummy.

Doctors informed them that birthmarks commonly fade away with infants, but Jorgia has defied the odds yet again. To this day, the nearly one-year-old tot bears the imprint of love. She said:

Doctors thought it would fade, but it hasn’t disappeared or faded. Jorgia is growing up quickly, it’s grown with her and in perfect proportion.

According to Numerology the number two is a "supremely feminine force" that also "represents both grace and power." The number two is a "cooperative" number that tries to "bring peace and balance back to a relationship or situation." Kind of like when a couple has their first child, which for many people is the last piece of the puzzle.

But if you don't believe in numerology or just don't like "junk science," it's just a cool coincidence. Just like Jorgia's birthmark, which is a beautiful heart.

Heart-Shaped Birthmark - Spiritual Meaning Behind It

Many people believe that birthmarks have spiritual or mystical significance, and a heart-shaped birthmark is no exception. According to spiritual beliefs, a heart-shaped birthmark is a powerful symbol that can reveal important information about a person's character, destiny, and spiritual journey.

In spiritual and mystical beliefs, the heart is the center of love, emotion, and intuition. A heart-shaped birthmark is seen as a physical manifestation of a person's spiritual connection to these qualities, and it can reveal their unique purpose and path in life. One of the most common spiritual interpretations of a heart-shaped birthmark is that it is a sign of a person who is destined to be a healer, teacher, or caregiver.

These individuals are believed to have a natural ability to connect with others, offer guidance and support, and bring comfort and healing to those in need. Another interpretation of a heart-shaped birthmark is that it signifies a person's deep connection to the spiritual realm.

These individuals are believed to have a heightened sense of intuition, spiritual awareness, and an ability to connect with divine energy.

What Does a Heart-Shaped Birthmark Mean Emotionally?

In addition to its spiritual significance, a heart-shaped birthmark can also hold emotional meaning for the person who has it. Some believe that a heart-shaped birthmark indicates a person who is highly empathetic, compassionate, and emotionally sensitive. These individuals may have a deep capacity for love and caring and may be drawn to careers or roles that allow them to express these qualities.

A heart-shaped birthmark can also be seen as a symbol of unconditional love, both for oneself and for others. Those who have a heart-shaped birthmark may be encouraged to embrace self-love, self-acceptance, and forgiveness, as well as to express love and compassion towards others.


The baby born with a perfect heart-shaped birthmark on its tummy has captured the hearts of people around the world. This rare occurrence serves as a symbol of love and hopes, reminding us all of the importance of love and kindness in our lives. We can only hope that this child grows up surrounded by love and kindness and that their heart-shaped birthmark serves as a constant reminder of the power of love and the importance of spreading kindness wherever we go.

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