I could work in Hollywood these days.

Got a beloved character that people can’t enough of? Turn him into a cute lil’ baba!

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Mandalorian – in fact, it’s the best Star Wars thing in years – but there’s no doubt that Baby Yoda (or ‘The Child” as the folks over at Disney insist on us calling him) has stolen the show.


Not only is he this year’s biggest meme – my girlfriend doesn’t even watch the show yet sends me Baby Yoda memes constantly – he’s also set to be next year’s biggest toy, with Disney already taking pre-orders for official merchandise of the little green guy.

Cottoning onto this ingenious cash cow, Paramount have now coincidentally shared the first look at their money-making infant in the form of Sonic, star of the upcoming film which has already been through several recuts and design changes.


Seen in a newly released Japanese trailer, the baby blue fuzzball is an adorable bundle of joy whizzing through the world, melting hearts and emptying wallets all at breakneck speeds.

The first half of the trailer seems to just show off Sonic’s life before things went haywire, displaying the idyllic Green Hill Zone-like place seen in the previous trailer. It is at the end of this section that we get a glimpse at precious baby Sonic, holding a sunflower that will no doubt leave audiences begging to have their money taken.


Of course, it begs the question – was there another version of Baby Sonic, you know, before they basically had to remake the film?

If you remember, the response was pretty damning at the time, condemning the blue hedgehog for his small feet, small, gloveless hands, separate eyes and weirdly muscular and proportioned body.


I mean he did look like an extra from The Grinch.

With that, in a fairly shocking move, Jeff Fowler, the director, tweeted that the studio vowed to redesign Sonic to please the fans.


Fast-forward several months and we got a glimpse at the new look Sonic, and the general consensus was that it was much better.


I don’t want to be cynical here, because it’s a baby version of Sonic, but I really hope this isn’t the start of a ball-achingly repetitive Hollywood trope that will babe-ify every character ever conceived.


Sonic and Yoda I can deal with.


If they do a Baby Dobby in any of the Potterverse films I’ll riot.

Images via Paramount