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Bacon Is Good For Me - Meme Kid Is Unrecognizable Now


"Bacon is Good for Me" meme (aka King Curtis) is a video remix meme derived from a clip of Wifeswap USA Season 5 Episode 18 featuring the Brown and Dutch families, aired on ABC on March 27, 2009.

A boy named King Curtis is dissatisfied with his replacement-mum-for-the-week trying to shed his flab that week.

In the clip, he uses quotes like "Bacon is good for me!"

And he said, "She thinks she's the queen and we're the sorry people."

It's hard to identify one quote that makes Curtis Holland a viral sensation. When he starred in Wife Swap eight years ago, the Holland (aka King Curtis) fought fiercely with his replacement-mum-for-the-week Joy, who wanted to get rid of unhealthy snacks from home.

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"Chicken nuggets is like my family," he once said.

“I don’t wanna be skinny! I wanna be fat and happy,” he said.

Especially in one of his memorable scenes, he wrote in Post-it, “I am not listening to your rules”

"Bacon is good for me!" Maybe it will come out at the top.

The quote, like everything else, has become an internet meme that can be seen in screenshots and gifs; bacon is good for me remix songs are also been made and loved globally too.

The original clip was uploaded by Flylo123 on August 25, 2009. Video clips have not only reached millions at home via ABC TV shows but have been watched more than 1.7 million times on youtube as well.

Now, this video has crossed more than 18 Million views on YouTube and also 157K likes. Here is the video:

"Bacon is good for me!"

The search for "King Curtis" is before the Wifeswap episode. That is, it reflects another King's irrelevant search named Curtis.

The search "Bacon is good for me" surged in September 2009, demonstrating the impact of the original YouTube upload.

The search started shortly after the episode aired, but YouTube users had to upload videos to get the attention of those who didn't watch the show on a regular basis.

A google analytics graph showing when 'bacon is good for me' meme went viral
A google analytics graph showing when 'bacon is good for me' meme went viral

Bacon Is Good For Me Kid Now

The Holland boy, now 15 years old, spoke to a Newstateman staff member from home in Vanceboro, North Carolina.

“Oh yes!” he says when asked if he still likes bacon. “Every morning my mum gets up and we all cook bacon together.”

“I know some people say this just to say it,” he says, before admitting he himself had eaten some that day. “This morning that's exactly what I had.”

Holland speaks in the same affectionate, straightforward, fact-based tone as he did when he was seven.

He is incredibly respectful and calls the interviewer "ma'am" at least three times.

Curtis with his fingers in his ears to avoid what the lady is saying
Curtis with his fingers in his ears to avoid what the lady is saying

“We live in a small community, and a lot of people say that I'm the movie star,” says Holland, asking how life has changed since he appeared on television.

When asked about his life since becoming a meme, Holland feels unsafe.

“I mean I don't have a Twitter but a lot of people say that I'm up there just about every week,” he says (in fact, it's just a clip of his performance alone. Not to mention the screenshots, gif, quote - is tweeted several times a day).

But there is one meme moment that the Netherlands definitely didn't miss. In 2015, Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale posted a photo on Instagram asking for the latest information on his life.

In response, the Netherlands made a YouTube video, demanded money to remodel the car, and confidently said, “Someday I’ll get my own bacon brand.”

This video has been watched over 400,000 times.

“I went viral for I think three or four days and I was on the most views on YouTube,” explains Holland.

"That was pretty cool for me, to see when I look on YouTube there my face is.

“It makes you feel good inside. One day I come home from school and I was mad, and I can tell you it just made me feel really good inside to see that [the video] was pretty much one of the top in basically the world.”

King Curtis printed on a white mug; Bacon is good for me printed on a white mug
King Curtis printed on a white mug; Bacon is good for me printed on a white mug

People Also Ask

How Old Is King Curtis Now?

He may remember a mysterious moment on the screen this week, but it's been over 10 years since then. So he is 18 years old. To date, King Curtis' face has appeared on social media platforms and has appeared in hundreds of gifs. He is also the subject of numerous YouTube mixes.

What Episode Is Bacon Is Good For Me Wife Swap?

Brown/Holland is the 18th episode of the fifth season of the reality show Wife Swap. Originally aired in the United States on March 27, 2009.

How Old Was King Curtis Wife Swap?

After appearing in Wife Swap, the boy known as King Curtis, who caused a viral sensation, appears unrecognizable after 13 years. Curtis Holland, who appeared on the US version of the show at only six years old, quickly created an internet sensation thanks to his candid attitude.


Holland (bacon is good for me meme boy) is getting a lot of attention, but he has no ambition to be a TV or internet star. He is a member of an organization called the Future Farmers of America (FFA), and he plans to attend a local community college before becoming a welder.

Do you know about the Ace Ventura tutu costume meme?

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