Ban mistletoe? This Morning are famous for interviewing people with controversial beliefs, but not that one woman has decided that she wants mistletoe banned, people are saying she’s gone too far.

I’ll be honest, I can’t even remember the last time I saw mistletoe in real life. I genuinely think my last experience of it was seeing the pervy Room of Requirement blooming some in order to get two teenagers to kiss in Order of the Phoenix, but apparently it’s still an issue.


It is a real issue that plagues this planet we like to call Earth though, as there really is a call to ban mistletoe. This Morning will debate just about anything – like honestly the range of topics on that show beggars belief – but in the wake of the #MeToo movement and general disdain for making people feel uncomfortable, attentions have turned to those little white berries.

Probably full of nargles

Rebecca Reid was the woman who raised issue with mistletoe, and was invited onto the morning TV show to discuss her views and to argue her point against etiquette expert Liz Brewer. Not everything needs to be debated, does it?

What ensued was a pretty ridiculous debate that could have been solved in ten second by two cool heads like this:


Person 1: Do you hate mistletoe?

Person 2: No

Person 1: Do you want to ban it?

Person 2: Only in the work place, unless everyone consents

Person 1: Okay that’s fair


Reid’s argument was that mistletoe is more or less fine, but has no place in the modern work environment as it makes people feel uncomfortable and potentially under threat from people trying to steal a kiss for more nefarious reasons.

Of course sensationalist journalism always prevails, and it was made out that Reid was trying to ban all mistletoe and that she was one of these millennial snowflakes we all love to hate so much.

no mistletoe at work

Brewer, meanwhile, essentially argued that it’s rude to not kiss someone under the mistletoe, which doesn’t seem like a very good argument at all, but there’s quite a good way to surpass her point; don’t hang up mistletoe in your office.


Building on that, even if you were to hang mistletoe up in your office, make it so you really have to go out of your way to stand underneath it and implement a rule where people can’t just carry their own.



The annoying thing is that Holly and Phil just did their old thing of calling Rebecca a “fun sponge,” saying that kissing under mistletoe is a Christmas tradition that she’s just trying to ruin, but the point remains; if you want mistletoe in you house, that’s entirely you prerogative. Meanwhile, if you’re some weirdo wondering around the office, holding mistletoe over people you just want to kiss, then no that’s not really alright.

Honestly who still does the mistletoe thing?

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