Band Brilliantly Plays ‘Titanic’ Theme As Mall They’re In Begins To Flood

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Published 11.06.19

A band started to play the theme from Titanic as water poured into a shopping centre.

I know this isn’t really relevant to the story, but why did the Titanic film need the bits set in the present day (by which I mean 22 years ago)?

It seems to add almost nothing to the film, except for a generous helping of wooden acting, annoying characters and, I suppose if you really allow yourself to be moved by the fairly formulaic ‘princess and the pauper’ love story, a somewhat poignant moment when old Kate Winslet throws away the necklace.


Just doesn’t seem necessary and takes away from the only good thing about that stupidly overrated film; the setting.

Titanic Honest Reaction

"You were just gonna let me go like that?!" 😂🚢

Posted by The Hook on Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Anyway, the theme isn’t half bad and we all know the story about how the band on the Titanic continued to play as the ship sank into the icy depths of the Atlantic Ocean, in order to calm the nerves of its terrified passengers.


With that in mind, a pretty hilarious video that plays on that theme has started to do the rounds on Twitter.

In an unnamed shopping mall somewhere in Mexico, mild peril strikes as an issue leads to water pouring indoors from the ceiling.

Taking their chances to get a few new fans, the band who were playing – I guess that happens in some parts of the world – begin to play the music from Titanic.

It’s pretty spot-on stuff, to their credit.


You have to admire their commitment to their trade. Nothing’s going to stop them throwing out a few bangers; not even a dash of unwelcome water.

Good to see that someone finally got a bucket involved. Problem solved there. Good job.

Sorry for going in on that film so much; I just really hate both it and James Cameron.

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