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B&M Is Selling An Actual Slush Puppy Machine For Just £35


Your Own Personal Slush Maker

You have your own personal slushy maker, and you can do whatever you want with it... I understand that buying goods gives you the freedom to do anything you want with them, but you understand what I'm drivingat.

Slush Puppy created this for you to enjoy some delicious Slush Puppies, but you may enjoy the pleasures of a Slush Dog with the addition of a few things (an adult puppy).

Blue colored machine making red-colored slush in a jug
Blue colored machine making red-colored slush in a jug

Is A Slush Puppie Machine Worth It?

Who does not like B&Mslush when you can get it in the comfort of your home? What could be Better Than that? Just put some slush puppie syrupand enjoy.

Simply said, if you put some vodka in the machine, you can obtain slushy stuff. It's a man's fantasy come true.

Now that B&M has started offering home Slush Puppie machines, you can have one whenever you want.

“We all remember the delicious taste of a Slush Puppie, and have wished we could recreate one at home,” B&M says of the machine.

“Well, now you can with this Slush Puppie Slushie Machine!

“Perfect addition to parties, events, or days in the sun.”

Red and light blue colored slush in glasses with straws placed on a grey cloth
Red and light blue colored slush in glasses with straws placed on a grey cloth

The bargain includes four paper cups as well as straws for that real effect, but you can replace them with a regular glass if you like.

I understand that Slush Puppie began in 1970 as a brand, but this is very much in the future. I'm getting one of these evil boys, and you can keep your wireless charging and cures for dreadful ailments.

It should be noted, however, that this isn't the first slushy maker on the market. On sites like Amazon, you can find cheaper ones that appear a little more sophisticated. Take a look at this nasty boy.

Slush Puppie Machine - B&M Stores

The cost is £25 in this case. It does this by crushing and stirring the mixture.

You can get this absolute until home for approximately double the price...

That one costs £53 and appears to be quite useful. If you're wondering if it can make slushies instead of snow cones (or whatever they're called), the description says:

“Perfect for Slushies and Snowcones."


They wouldn't tell you the truth, would they?

I'm sure it would. My money's on the £25 machine over the rest, but if you want a branded throwback look, the Slush Puppie machine is the way to go.

Do whatever you want.

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