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Barber Shaves Triangle Into Man's Hair After He Pauses Video Of A Model He Wanted To Look Like


Considering how much I value my hair, I detest going to the barber. A therapist would say it's because I once went, and the guy started shaving off all of my magnificent hair before I could protest.

I've always known that my head is dangerously little, but I had no idea how small it actually was. I wore a hat for several weeks following that, and I only go now if I have to.

One man in China recently had the unfortunate experience of having triangles shaved into the side of his skull, so it's obvious that I'm not the only one who's had a nightmare at the barbershop.

The customer in question evidently knew exactly what he wanted going into his appointment and even recorded a video to show the barber.

Have we not all engaged in it? I've previously gone into a hair salon with multiple photos of David Beckham and emerged looking nothing like him.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/barber-shaves-triangle-into-mans-hair-after-he-pauses-video-of-a-model-he-wanted-to-look-like/ by Morgan Maverick on 2023-03-23T23:01:40.782Z

I ought to have asked for a refund.

Unfortunately, this movie ended up being the man's downfall because instead of stopping the video or just letting it play, he chose to pause it, which resulted in the enormous "play" symbol appearing across his screen.

The barber chose to shave two lines into the man's head, one into each side, apparently thinking that was part of the style.

The incident was reported by an entertainment blogger named "Tian Xiu Bot" on Weibo, China's version of Twitter, and it is currently going viral.

To be fair to the barber, he did apparently ask the client if he wanted to preserve the triangles, but the client allegedly didn't understand what he was talking about and simply replied, "Yes."

The user who posted the joke said, ‘There are not so many rigorous hairdressers like this left.

After experiencing such pain, you have a choice between hiding out for the following several weeks and bemoaning the barber's creation or owning it and acting as though it was intended.

The individual in question obviously made the latter decision because, in the video provided by the same blogger, he was seen striding through the room with an air of self-satisfaction.


Of course, that is objectively a horrible haircut, but a lot of people these days have bad haircuts. I'm currently working on growing out the blonde tips I acquired when traveling previously. My past with hair has been nothing short of horrible...

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