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Barney The Dinosaur Fans Are Not Happy With Its Extreme Makeover For Reboot


Barney the Dinosaur fans are not happy with its extreme makeover for reboot. Barney the Dinosaur has been a beloved children's character for more than two decades, captivating young audiences with his catchy songs and friendly demeanor.

However, newsof a potential reboot has recently sparked controversy and disappointment among fans, with the unveiling of a new makeover that many find to be extreme and unsettling. Barney the Dinosaur fans are not happy with its extreme makeover for reboot.

According to an articlefrom Heart.co.uk, fans have been left "traumatized" by the new look of Barney the Dinosaur. The new design features a sleeker, more realistic look, with larger eyes and a more defined body structure.

This departure from the original design has left many fans feeling uneasy, with some even stating that they feel the character has been sexualized.

The article cites several social media comments from disappointed fans, with one user stating, "Barney is supposed to be a friendly dinosaur, not a creep."Another commented, "The new design is just too jarring. I don't think my kids will want to watch it anymore."

The criticism has not been limited to social media, as 9GAGalso reported on the controversy, with a post that garnered over 22,000 upvotes and 1,200 comments.

Many commenters echoed the sentiment that the new design was a departure from the original character, with one stating, "This looks like something straight out of a horror movie."

The disappointment and backlash from fans highlight the difficulty in revamping a beloved character while still staying true to its original essence.

While updates and changes can breathe new life into a franchise, it is important to balance these updates with respect for the original design and the expectations of the fan base.

It is important to note that the potential reboot of Barney the Dinosaur has not been officially confirmed, and the new design is likely just a concept for potential use in future iterations of the character.

However, the negative reaction from fans serves as a cautionary tale for creators and studios to tread lightly when considering changes to beloved characters.

Barney The Dinosaur

Barney the Dinosaur is a beloved character that has been part of popular culture for more than 20 years. The character was created in 1987 by Sheryl Leach and first appeared on the television show "Barney & Friends" in 1992.

The show was immensely popular among young audiences, and its catchy songs and friendly demeanor made Barney a household name.

However, over the years, the show has faced criticism and controversy from some quarters, with some claiming that it promotes unrealistic expectations and a sense of entitlement among young viewers.

The show has also been accused of being too saccharine and simplistic, with some arguing that it fails to challenge children's thinking or expose them to complex ideas.


Barney the Dinosaur fans are not happy with its extreme makeover for reboot and feel that the new design strays too far from the original character. While updates and changes can be exciting, it is important to strike a balance between innovation and respect for the character's history and fan base.

Whether the potential reboot will move forward with the new design or return to the original remains to be seen, but the backlash serves as a reminder of the importance of considering fan expectations and reactions when revamping beloved characters.

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