Showrunner Jed Mercurio has confirmed that a Richard Madden-led Bodyguard Series 2 is in development.

Explosive in more ways than one; last year’s Bodyguard became everyone’s favourite TV drama. For real – the show won a BAFTA, a Golden Globe (well, Richard Madden won one for his role in the series) and won the title of ‘UK’s most-watched drama ever’. (Ever being 2002 onwards as that’s when they started recording the stats.)


Fans (including me) have been desperate for a continuation of David Budd’s story since the show left our screens last year, and, lucky for us all, the showrunner Jed Mercurio has all but confirmed a second series is in the works.

Bodyguard Re-Cap

Bodyguard S2


The first six-episode season follows the story of David Budd played by Richard Madden, an Afghanistan War veteran turned bodyguard who’s assigned to protect home secretary Julia Montague, played by British drama queen Keeley Hawes. (Drama queen because she’s appeared in many dramas; I do not know her personally.)

At first, Budd first finds it difficult to watch over a politician that he has opposing beliefs to, but after a while, he grows fond of Montague and develops a romantic relationship with her.

After several twists and turns (which, SPOILER, includes Montague’s shock death in episode 4,) viewers were amazed to see Madden’s characters survive the events of the season, an ending that left the door open for a second series.


Bodyguard Series 2 Release Date

Mercurio’s tweet confirming that Bodyguard Season 2 is in development means that we can expect the show to return to the UK in late 2020.

Netflix would likely acquire the rights to the episodes of  the second season shortly after BBC airs all episodes.


Bodyguard Series 2 Plot

Bodyguard S2

After season one’s dramatic finale, Bodyguard S2 could explore how the PTSD-suffering Principal Protection Officer deals with his new-found fame.


“The show’s engaged with so many people, and it’s engaged with me, because I’m fascinated by that character. I’m fascinated by a man who’s gone through so much, and I’m very keen to see what happens to him two years later. Where will this man be, in terms of his mental health, in terms of his wife and children, in terms of his career? He’s not going to sit back and retire, and he’s not going to pick a normal job. He’s going to be engaged in something interesting. So I’m very keen to work with Jed and work out how to move on the next bit of the story.” – Richard Madden in conversation with Deadline

Will there be a Bodyguard Series 3?

Bodyguard S2

With the news that he’s joining the MCU as Ikaris in The Eternals (2020), we suspect that Bodyguard S2 could be the series’ last chapter.

I mean, c’mon… There’s no way that Kevin Feige hasn’t made Madden sign a multi-film contract.

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